Weekly Report Card, II (with pictures)

This week felt busier than most weeks. I can’t think of anything that we had to do in addition to the normal stuff, but I felt in a hurry all week for some reason. I really don’t like that feeling.

Overall, it was a good week of school.

Math: Hannah and Benjamin did great learning to count by 7s. We also worked on fractions. Noah is learning to add. So we ate several apples to find out the number of seeds in each half and then add them to find the total of seeds in each apple. Then we made a graph about it. Abbey showed me how to make an AB color pattern. And, as always, we work on learning how to use a calendar.

Reading: Abbey and Noah learned a few more consonants–their sounds and how to write them. Ben is reading The Pony Express. Hannah finished reading The Whipping Boy. We are reading Ginger Pye together.

We also read about Vikings. Again. I take History slowly. Can you tell? It takes me about 1.5-2 weeks to get through a week of Sonlight assignments.

Hannah helped me in the kitchen a lot this week. She browned the meat and measured the ingredients, while I cut vegetables, before we put everything in the crock-pot one morning.

We stuck with our catechism again this week. The answer was really long so we worked on it all week. Question: How do we know that the Bible is the Word of God? Answer: The Bible evidences itself to be God’s word by the heavenliness of its doctrine, the unity of its parts, and its power to convert sinners and to edify saints. But only the Spirit of God can make us willing to agree and submit to the Bible as the word of God.

We learned quite a bit this week. We also had some fun, with pictorial evidence.

This is a stack of books I want to read:

These are files of completed work that I need to put in notebooks:

This is the school table that I need to clean:

This is the fun. We visited Capitol Park. As you can see, these are the remains of Alabama’s state capitol when it was in Tuscaloosa (it was in several places before they settled it would be Montgomery). It was destroyed in a fire on August 22, 1923. I learned that it was an accidental electrical fire. And all this time, I thought Yankees had burned it down during the Civil War. Seriously. My ears hear “destroyed in a fire” and my brain says, “Yankees? In Tara?” I don’t hear anything after that. I’m daydreaming about being Scarlet O’Hara saying, “Oh, fiddle-dee-dee.”
The kids took one look (acting as if they had never seen it before) and started running to the site, shouting, “REAL RUINS!!!” Here are some pictures of them:

Abbey was the princess. She is posing. You may wonder, as I did, “Abbey, why are you carrying around that fabric scrap?” To which she will explain, “It’s my token.” And then you might say, as I did, “Token?” And Abbey will sigh and reply, “For my rescuer….” Oh, riiiiiggghhht, I knew that.

They wanted to go back the next day, but we had a string of thunderstorms. So we took them back Friday afternoon. They had plans to make a swordfighting movie. Most of these pictures show their “serious” faces.

7 Comments on “Weekly Report Card, II (with pictures)

  1. Looks like you have been busy and are enjoying the school year! We just got back from vacation, so next week it is time for us to get back on schedule.


  2. What a great feild trip! Looks like your kids had a lot of fun.I have Respectable Sins and Esther & Ruth on my shelf too – I am eager to start them but am trying to finish one book before starting another in the same catagory =D


  3. Fun field trip! I love the kids reactions and Abbey is a hoot – token! – too cute.


  4. Enjoyed this! Great stack of books too! Don’t throw eggs :o) but I just finished reading Presumption by J. Barrett which says it’s a sequel to P&P by Austen. It was an easy fun read. I am now reading A Wrinkle in Time. I am in a no brainer reading mood…can ya tell.


  5. I like the file idea! Thanks for sharing your week. I’m glad it was such a fun one for you.


  6. “the fun” looks really fun!! : ) And the table doesn’t look all that bad that needs to be organized! Ya’ll learned a lot and had fun! The table can wait, right?! : ) I love it!!! Did you ever doubt your “ability” to be where you are in homeschooling??


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