Spent too much time in bed this morning, hoping my headache would go away. Long shower. 2 cups of coffee. Felt human again. Put on make-up. Felt like a woman. Late lunch. Did a little schoolwork. Gave math review lessons to Noah and Abbey as we are easing into school this week. Benjamin reviewed math […]

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Poetry: Roald Dahl (again)

*As I was searching through my drafts pile, I found this old post from June 2011. That’s TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN. I have no idea why I didn’t post it. Here goes: The kids and I are still reading a bit of Vile Verses every morning. They are a tad bit morbid.  We either laugh our […]

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Our visit to Mt. Cheaha

Two of our children are taking Alabama History this year, and we’ve taken a few field trips for hands-on learning about our beautiful state. One of our trips was a visit to Alabama’s highest point, Mt. Cheaha. I had not visited Mt. Cheaha since I was a little girl, so I was excited to get […]

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This Post Began on Monday

Life, time, responsibilities are charging forward whether I want them to or not. Normally, I enjoy the organized chaos: the rush, the hurry, the chauffeuring, the abundance of activity. Today, however, I need things to slow down. Do you ever just need everything to stop for just an hour or two so that you can get […]

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