Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken

Last night, my sweet man let me have the night to myself. It’s been a long week, so I really needed a couple of hours away to just relax. He and the kids had a slumber party while I went shopping and to the Derek Webb/Sandra McCracken concert.

Pour Cafe is a cool place to hear bands and musicians of the Christian sort. It is hosted by Capstone Church. It’s what I would call a “cool” church. The building doesn’t look anything like the typical church meeting place: flat screen televisions on the wall, rugs, couches, a coffee/tea bar, darkly painted walls, etc. The worship band on Sundays is rockin’. And the preaching is expository, believe it or not. We kind of enjoyed our visit there about a year ago, but weren’t real comfortable with some other things. We have some friends who are members there and they love it, though. Anyway, while I don’t feel comfortable with how laid back they are on Sunday mornings, I can totally dig it on a Thursday night for a great concert.

The couches and tables that are usually housed in the coffee area were moved to the worship area for the concert. It made for a very intimate concert setting. I wish I had gotten in a little earlier so I could have scored a seat on a couch, but I spent too much time at the merch table.

I ordered my hazelnut latte and settled myself down for the show. For the first hour they played music from Sandra’s albums. I’m not all that familiar with her tunes. I just heard of her last week. I love her song “Goodbye George,” which is a tribute to George Harrison. I’ll go ahead and admit that I wanted to go to the concert just to hear that song. She created a perfect blend of song titles and lines with George’s sound. It’s a great tribute song that is not cheesy. If you love The Beatles, then you’ll like it, too. Take a listen on her MySpace page.

I assumed she liked The Beatles, which isn’t much of a surprise. Who doesn’t like The Beatles? (If you don’t like their music, don’t tell me) But I learned that Sandra, Derek, and I have the other similar musical interests. Though I am not a songwriter, a really like Bob Dylan. They performed “If Not for You” together, and said that it will be on an upcoming album of duets they are working on. You may not appreciate Dylan’s vocal style (which is the main complaint I hear about him), but he has written some excellent songs that span the last four decades. (I’ll stop chasing that rabbit)

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Sandra and Derek are married. She told us that on paper she is a “Webb.” And they just had their first child together this past summer.

Here are some pictures from the night:

The second hour they played music from Derek’s solo albums and maybe one or two Caedmon’s songs. Derek also announced that he has a new song that will be featured on the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I have no idea what that is. I know it’s on tv, but that’s about it. Based on what he said about it, though, I now know that the characters have a lot of s-e-x. Everyone else cheered and hooted, so it must be a good idea to most people. You guys can debate whether the affirmation of the populace is good or bad in the comments. The song is called “Name.” I thought it was great whether it’s on tv or not. I’m pretty sure I’ll never hear it on our local Christian radio station, and I won’t watch that show just to hear it. That’s what iTunes is for.

Well, I’m off to clean all the furniture and junk out of my bedroom because we are going to repaint and tear up the carpet this weekend. I’m hoping this home-ownership fiasco will yield some good blogging material since I haven’t cracked a book all week and I am not thinking about much of anything other than whatever is happening right this moment.

5 Comments on “Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken

  1. Sounds like you needed a night like this. Hope all the home fixin goes well. I feel a little out of the loop cuz I have no idea who either of the people you went to hear are…..does this make me old?As for not reading…..that’s been my world too. The only time I can recall thinking outside of the moment lately is in the shower LOL!


  2. Still praying for you and your family. I’m glad you got a night “off”.


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