Nearly a month has passed since we went to see this movie and I started this “review.” I hope it’s not too late to pass along a few thoughts about it anyway.

I wasn’t sure I would like Enchanted at all. The previews made it look cute and interesting, but the main reason for going was just for something fun to do with the kids over the Thanksgiving holiday. By the end of it, Karl and I were pleasantly surprised. We really enjoyed it!

As you probably know, Princess Giselle is transplanted by the evil step-mother from Andalasia (the animated world) to the real world. Prince Edward follows, in an attempt to rescue her, with his assistant Nathaniel, and Pip, a chipmunk. They all end up in New York City.

I cannot possibly recount all that Giselle and Prince Edward get into on their separate journeys to find each other in the Big Apple. I’ll just say that it’s very funny. Through all of the ups and downs, it is so sweet that Giselle never once wavers in her faith that Prince Edward will rescue her.

Giselle stays true to her character, always expecting the best from the people she meets. The part that touched me most is Giselle’s reaction upon learning about romantic relationships in the real world. All of her life, she has expected to find her one true love and spend the rest of her life with that person. In the real world, men and women go on dates, and continue to “date” for years and years without making a real commitment to one another. She has never heard of a date. It made her wonder how in the world a woman could know a man’s true feelings if he strung her along for years and years without a proposal of marriage. This question, “How does she know you love her?” led up to my favorite scene in the whole movie. This scene had me laughing and crying:

Her reaction that meant the most to me was when she first learned of divorce. Though she knew nothing of the couple in question, it absolutely broke her heart that they didn’t love each other anymore. In her mind, real love never ever ends. That divorce is even a possibility in “our” world is the worst bit of news she could ever hear.

The only part that I really didn’t like was the ending. Call me old-fashioned, but I couldn’t wholeheartedly go along with the girl rescuing the boy. I like it better when the girl gets rescued by her prince charming. Girl-power emerged as a major theme. Robert, Patrick Dempsey’s character, is a very weak man through the whole movie, though, so I fully expected Giselle to save his rear from the dragon/step-mother.

The other thing I wasn’t too sure about was the resolution of the relationship between Giselle and Robert. I could assume that they decided to get married and live a happy life together in New York. Or, I could assume that Giselle gives up a fairy-tale life in favor of a more “liberated” life in New York, in a long-term relationship with Robert, and beginning her own fashion design company. It’s not really clear what happens. What is clear, however, is that the independent woman from New York (Nancy) decides to enter life in Andalasia, giving up her career and throwing away her cell phone in favor of life as the traditional princess.

Overall, our whole family enjoyed this movie. Even Karl, who had to be dragged in, came out smiling. It is very sweet and funny, with a small twist to please whatever is left of the feminist in me.

Oh, and there’s just a little bit of innuendo. Giselle stumbles and falls on top of Robert while only wearing a towel. It’s an awkward moment in the film, and I felt a little awkward watching that part with the kiddos. The other instance is when Edward is searching an apartment building for Giselle. Eventually he meets a man who is clearly a homosexual who finds Edward attractive. Again…awkward. I don’t understand why that was in the movie at all. It certainly didn’t add anything to the story. But good for Edward for running away as quickly as he could!

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi!I am planning on seeing this today with my daughter, sister and niece… Thanks for the review, and no, you didn’t give too much away! Nice meeting you!Hilda Rebecca


  2. We saw this on Christmas Day…I enjoyed it, but my husband and boys while not exactly hating it didn’t rave about it either. Maybe because they’re boys? I thought it sweet, excepting of course the innuendo you referred to. My husband made the comment “It wasn’t Princess Diaries,” to which I would have to agree.By the way, I’m liking your new look (again). I’m wanting a re-do myself!


  3. I laughed out loud several times during this movie, which for me, is a rare and good indicator for “funny”!My kids loved it too. We went with Gigi over Thanksgiving while we were in Texas. The theater showed a preview for Mad Money while I was getting snacks and my girls were shocked at some of the scenes. I wasn’t there, but even grandma thought it was a bit much. Did they show that same preview when you guys went?The girls were completely disturbed by the ending. I sort of saw it coming, so it was interesting for me to take a step back and see it from their perspective. They saw it as “wrong” for Giselle to end up with anyone other than who she was originally committed to. (hooray!)I thought the music was wonderful and I absolutely loved Giselle. I too felt like the towel scene was a bit much and I wonder if I had older boys how much more awkward that may have been. Certainly it was unnecessary as was the homosexual reference that you mentioned. Disney is famous for the unnecessary adult references in films that are targeted for children.I loved the chipmunk and his hysterical sign language 🙂 Great review!We saw the new National Treasure movie on Christmas Eve and it was great. Too much suspense/action for Samuel, but we all loved the story and you know how hard it is to find a movie that both daughters & Daddies enjoy! There was one kissing scene that we could have done without, but we knew when it was coming so we made provisions and covered the eyeballs 🙂


  4. we really liked it—but of course my daughters think they really ARE princesses too :)The only part I didn’t like was the beginning. The cartoony stuff at the forefront was so sugary I about gagged. But of course, they were making fun of themselves at Disney, so it was rather funny on one level.Hope you all had a great Christmas!


  5. Lisa–I haven’t seen Princess Diaries. Is it good?Kim–Yes, Pip totally steals the show. We saw National Treasure yesterday. Yeah, all the cleavage and kissing in the Oval Office was a bit much. We all really enjoyed it, though.Lindsey–I have to agree. The opening sequence is sooooo fairy-tale, but it is also very funny! But I loved the song Giselle and Edward sing together. I’ve been singing it ever since. “I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss…”


  6. We saw ut Christmas Eve and it was cute. Brian and Anna Kate loved it. I was colossally peaved as the love story progressed and the twist of them ending up with different people really kind of ruined it for me. I would have said that it was wonderful if it had ended as expected. Ethan was so peeved by the turn of events that he burst into tears and hated the movie and was ticked that he’s wasted his afternoon. I’m afraid we’re the romantics in the family that believe that true love is as real as Giselle said that it was, and that she and her prince belonged together forever. Some people (even Disney, apparently) don’t believe that love like that happens in real life. But I’m the girl that fell in love in two short days with the boy that saw her once (with barely a “hello” passing between us) and went home to tell his parents that he’d met the girl he was going to marry. I do believe. And this movie apprently didn’t. All of that to say that most people would find it sweet and cute. And it was. It just still leaves me peeved. I can’t help being disturbed by the nunber of love stories that revolve around someone that’s engaged, breaking that off because they fell in love with someone else. If your word means that little before marriage, than why should we wonder at how little it means after. That’s my soap box.


  7. I’m glad you brought all of that to the table, Brian. I was bothered by the whole thing when it became obvious what Giselle was going to do. Her actions completely went against everything she had been saying the whole movie. I absolutely hated it when she suggested to Prince Edward that they go on a date. And then he acted like such a doofus! At the same time, though, I forced myself to not think about it so that I could enjoy the movie. Poor Ethan!! I told my husband that he was crazy when he told me–after just two weeks of knowing each other–that he wanted to marry me. Wasn’t that sweet of me? Though I fancied myself a princess, I didn’t believe in the fairy tale. You and Alicia definitely have something special.


  8. Oh Allie (my eleven year old daughter) and I couldn’t get there fast enough to see it when it came out and overall we loved it. I too thought the scene with the towel was very awkward and did not add to the movie at all but overall we thought it was darling. I guess I realized all along that Giselle would not end up with Prince Edward because of the way they portayed him.


  9. I saw it with my parents and my children. My daughter was in tears at the end because Giselle was supposed to marry Edward. I explained that everyone was happy at the end, and she said, through hiccuppy tears: “Except ME!”I had a great opportunity to explain that you should marry your best friend, not someone you don’t really know. For me, it was, by far the most romantic movie I have seen in a LONG time! Also awkward because I saw it with my parents and my mother is currently in the process of divorcing my father after 43 years. Strangely uncomfortable and validating for both he and I at the same time. Again, the most romantic movie I’ve seen in YEARS. Not just for kids. LOVED IT!


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