Interview with Nancy Cobb (Part 1)

I had the opportunity to have a little email interview with Nancy Cobb, coauthor of How to Get Your Husband to Listen to You. This first part consists of personal questions to know Nancy a little better. I also asked a couple of practical application questions. Part two, which I will post tomorrow, focuses more on the content of their book. Enjoy!

Would you please share a little bit about how God brought you to faith in Jesus?

I gave up on God in my late 30’s. I thought He was impossible to please, and I was doing everything I could do…in fact I was trying to be perfect, and had to go into counseling over the perfect issue. About 5 years later, I was playing tennis in NC, where we had just moved. An acquaintance invited me to a Bible study of 500 women taught by Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter). I went, and after a month understood providentially that salvation was by grace through faith, not of works, but a gift of God. She shared the complete Gospel, I received Christ when I was 43. I had bought my first Bible when I was 41. When I was 49, Anne stopped teaching the class and providentially chose me to take her place!!

Where do you worship? How are you serving your local church these days?

At Christ Community Church in Omaha, NE. I am a Bible teacher, mostly teaching marriage with Connie Grigsby, I mentor, and I am Director of Women’s Ministries at a Church approaching 4000.

How did you and Connie Grigsby meet and begin to work together?

We met in my first Wife Class. Connie called me and asked if I ever met privately with women. We set up an app’t; and it came to me that she was going to co-author books with me. We had never had a conversation before the projected meeting. At the meeting, I asked her what she liked to do, and she said, “Write.” The outcome was she sought God’s will for the first time ever that very night, and God confirmed His will for her to write with me.

Please describe “The Wife Class” and what you consider to be the most important topics you discuss in that class.

We have taught all 4 of our books. The most important points that we stress are:

1. God has a “job description” for wives in His Word and clearly explains it.

2. Before the fall of man, God gave man work, and woman a challenge: He said it is not good for man to be alone. We ask: “Is your husband lonely? Is home the loneliest place he knows? Does his importance come after your children/family/friends/the dog? Well, that is not good. He is your first ministry.

3. Before the fall of man, God gave the other part of the challenge: He said, I will make a helper suitable/adapting (Amplified Bible) for/to her husband. Helper is used of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and a wife. It is a high and holy calling. We then detail it from many passages including 1 Peter 3:1-2 (Amplified Bible.)

Your friendship with Connie comes through in the book. Has your relationship helped you become better wives?

We are completely free to share confidences, prayer requests, struggles, joys, hopes, dreams…and of course, the Lord.

In your book, you discuss the influence our friends can have on our marriages. How can women encourage one another to be godly wives? What are some steps women can take when they realize that another person is having a negative influence over their behavior and marriage?

1. By living as a Godly wife. Everyone notices. Then share her failures and her God empowered successes.

2. Change the relationship to surface talk; don’t share intimate details of marriage with a negative person.

3. Then let her see your Godliness. It may impact her.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. This book is on my list, I’m looking forward to reading it.BTW, thanks for linking to my post.


  2. So great that you got to do this and get to share it with us! Thanks, Leslie!


  3. I’ve just added this book to my list of “want to read” – it sounds like a great one!


  4. I had left your book review post for her book “starred” in my Google Reader so I could keep track of it. This is even more motivation to get moving on this book! Thanks.


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