Living in the shadow of the cross

Tuesdays are for new book reviews at Discerning Reader. Have you read the new reviews up this week? Mark Tubbs’ review of The Shadow of the Cross is worth reading. His review made me think about the shadow of the cross in my own life, that it could be longer.

People seem now to consider it more than unfair to have to bear the weakest cross, and certainly not to ‘count it all joy’ with St James (1:2).” This quote could just as well have appeared in The Shadow of the Cross rather than in Ellen S. Lister’s introduction to The Loveliness of Christ, also published by Banner of Truth. Lister’s quote gets at the heart of Walter Chantry’s little book: there is no part of the Christian life untouched by the shadow of the Cross, a shadow which demands the ultimate human sacrifice: perpetual self-denial.

This book contains seven meditations on different areas in which the Cross throws its shadow across the Christian life….(read more)

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