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I’ve thought about this issue of changing the name of the reading group. I’m kind of conflicted about it. First, most of you (including Karl) liked the idea of using Latin. It sounds cool and it goes with the name of my blog. The only problem I see is that it may turn a lot of women off just because they won’t know what it means. I wonder if it may be a little pretentious, too. Why say “literati amoritis” when you can say, “literature lovers?” It seems intentionally exclusive.

Here are a few suggestions:

I like Page Turners, Spine Crackers (though this is a silly name (and I don’t want to read silly books) and to crack the spine is the cardinal sin of reading books), and Lux Venit Reading Group. So, really my suggestions are Page Turners (which makes me think of pancakes and Hermione’s time turner) and Lux Venit Reading Group. So, I guess I’m just suggesting Lux Venit Reading Group.

I know it sounds boring and uses Latin, but it’s the blog name. Plus, anyone who’s read this blog for a while has figured out that I’m not pretentious. If you think I am, then just keep reading this blog.

Whew!! Glad that’s out of the way.

The next item on my blogging agenda is to get started on The Excellent Wife. I’ve received a handful of emails from women letting me know that they’ve gotten their books and are ready to read! Martha Peace’s daughter even emailed to let me know that Mrs. Peace is very excited to know we are reading her book. How cool is that?!

I want to post a couple of questions from the study guide for our consideration as we read. On a personal note, focusing on the gospel has helped me every single day of being a wife and mother. The questions I chose will direct our minds to meditating on the gospel and, I pray, will help us see how understanding and applying the gospel is the only way we can be excellent wives. You can use these questions as a springboard for your posts and comments next week, if you like.

1. According to 2 Peter 1:3 (on page 6 in the book), God’s “divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His Own glory and excellence.”

Read the paragraph in The Excellent Wife book on page 6 that is directly beneath 2 Peter 1:3. According to the information in that paragraph:

  • What is the wife’s responsibility?
  • What problem would keep her from becoming a godly wife?

2. There are several phrases that describe sin in the first part of the paragraph under the subheading “The Problem of Sin.” List the descriptive phrases.

3. According to 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 6:6, and John 8:34, 36, what is God’s remedy for sin?

4. According to John 14:16-17, who is the helper that God sends Christians to enable them to obey His Word and to submit to His way and His will?

5. Why is the Christian wife without excuse to succeed in becoming a godly wife? (See page 7 in The Excellent Wife book.)

I hope these help us get off to a great start! I’ll post my reaction and response to chapter 1 next Friday, March 28.

Kim (Hiraeth) has graciously volunteered to design a button for our group. I’ll pass the code along to you as soon as she finishes it.

10 Comments on “LitLovers Update

  1. Hey, can I complicate things? Why not just Lit with Lux Venit? or Lit Ladies. Just a thought… Spine Crackers is pretty fun – makes me think of eating crab…


  2. I’m running behind – but I’m going to order the book and join you! I couldn’t come up with anything cute or snappy or witty when you asked earlier. “The Bookmarkers” is all I could come up with….sorry!


  3. Sounds great! I head off tomorrow for a trip, so I have packed my book to bring with me. I won’t be around on the 28th but will be back the next day, so hopefully that won’t be too late to take part! 🙂


  4. Leslie,I so appreciate you taking the time to do this. I am excited to begin reading. Whatever name you choose, I’m on board! I will be back to get the code.


  5. Leslie,I won’t be doing this one, seeing as we will be leaving for Africa soon and I simply won’t have time. But can I just read the comments? Perhaps I can learn something…..or LOTS of things…..


  6. I’m going to get my book today! I just found out about this from Lisa and definitely want to be a part!


  7. All sounds great : ) I read the first chapter today. I’m really excited to be doing this with you!!


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