I saw something in the sky

last week that made my heart praise God.

I took the kids to the park because Hannah wanted to fly her new kite. She didn’t just want to fly her kite. She HAD to fly her kite. Her birthday is in March and when she feels the wind blow she has to fly a kite. I have learned this about her. She must fly a kite.

Once we arrived, she put her kite together, threw it up in the air, and watched it fly for over an hour. Over. An. Hour. I don’t know any other human being who gets that much joy from flying a simple Barbie kite for that long.

I was watching her and watching the sky when I saw something I’d never seen. Something about the way the light was hitting the clouds created colors. Like a rainbow, but not a bow at all. Just strokes of colors straight across the clouds. I called Benjamin over to see it (just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things). He saw it, too.

What I saw wasn’t as clear and large as that picture, though. I knew I saw colors in the clouds, understood why I saw colors in the clouds, but I didn’t know it had a name.

Turns out what I saw is an actual weather phenomenon called a fire rainbow. It is very rare. Conditions have to be just right for it to occur. You can see more pictures of it here.

Definitely one of the coolest natural things I’ve ever seen.


10 thoughts on “I saw something in the sky

  1. Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.”Thanks for sharing that! I agree, very cool.


  2. Hey Leslie,Years ago, Richard and I were driving to New Orleans and saw one of these (the first one that I ever remember seeing). He told me that it was the sun reflecting on ice crystals in the clouds, but he never gave me an official name. I really like ‘fire rainbow.’Love, Terry


  3. Oops! After reading James Spann’s explaination, I stand corrected–refraction of light (I’m sure that Richard told me correctly, I just remembered it wrong–that was 24 years ago!!)Incidently, today would’ve been a good day to fly kites, too! Tell the kids ‘hi’ for me.Love,Terry


  4. Wow!!! That’s BEAUTIFUL! I’ve definitely never seen a fire rainbow, and certainly never heard of it! Thanks for sharing! The first thing I thought of, like Rebekah, was Psalm 19:1! Amen!!!!


  5. I saw one last year! It was spectacular…I’d never seen anything like it before. I didn’t know what it was called but I like the name – kind of an oxymoron.


  6. Some of the sweetest moments I have are those when I see some glorious display in the sky, so I can only imagine what this was like for you to experience! Thanks for sharing :)(And I figured that wasn’t YOUR cartoon, I just wanted to give props from where I saw it myself – my husband cracked up when I showed it to him!)


  7. When I see things like this I always stop and thank God. It feels like an affirmation of his love for us. For why else would there be a rainbow of color waiting for you in the clouds?


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