True or False — What Wives Need to Know

The study guide for The Excellent Wife included a true or false quiz for chapter 2. It helped me evaluate some personal issues

1. God is only concerned with your outward behavior.
(FALSE — We know He is more concerned with our hearts. It is true, however, that what comes out indicates what is on the inside. If your heart (attitudes, desires, etc.) is clean, then your actions will be, too. Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Good trees produce good fruit).

2. Wives tend to be more concerned about what their husbands are doing wrong than what they themselves are doing wrong.
(TRUE — I agree this is true, but it’s a generalization about wives. A quick review of my sin and God’s grace toward me will help stop this. Planks and specks, you know?).

3. How you treat your husband could be the occasion for eternal rewards someday in heaven or the occasion for loss of those rewards.
(TRUE — God has foreordained our good works. I am learning that serving Hubs with a happy heart is included. Well, not only included, but my main thing).

4. It is alright to lie if you are frightened or it would keep your husband out of trouble.
(FALSE — Our husbands do not have absolute authority over us, God does. God’s Word is clear that lying is an abomination in His sight. He is glorified when we trust Him in our fear, not when we lie out of fear. We have to trust that telling the truth will work for our ultimate good and God’s glory. Hey, no one said it would be easy).

5. The most likely reason a Christian wife may be afraid to do the right thing is she may be afraid that she will not have her way.
(TRUE — It’s not just Christian wives who act this way. Everyone does, and it’s called idolatry. What sins are you willing to commit in order to make sure you have your way)?

6. The Christian wife’s focus should be on herself. After all, God helps those who help themselves!
(FALSE — “God helps those who help themselves,” is not found in the Bible. He repeatedly helps the helpless and broken. The Christian wife must focus on God and admit her poverty).

7. The Christian wife cannot help it if she sins on occasion.
(FALSE — I almost don’t like to admit this one because I do choose to sin “on occasion.” (Can I still say “on occasion” if it happens every stinkin’ day)? Once the Holy Spirit takes up residence in a redeemed person, that Christian is able to choose between God and sin. We are new creatures in Christ — creatures with new natures. And we have been given power to fight sin).

8. The Lord Jesus Christ broke the power grip of sin on a person’s life through His death on the cross.
(TRUE — Thank you, Jesus! Now let me live like I believe it).

4 Comments on “True or False — What Wives Need to Know

  1. Leslie- Thanks for comming by. I have enjoyed reading your groups’ posts on ya’lls study of The Excellent Wife. I am so excited to join. My book is supposed to be here tomorrow. So I’m going to offically join your discussion starting w/ chapter 3. I found my way to you through Melissa. I know it wasn’t by accident. Blessings!


  2. I think #2 is true for all people, not just wives. Aren’t we all more concerned about the sin of others than our own?


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