A Note to those reading The Excellent Wife

Go ahead and utilize the appendix of The Excellent Wife, if you haven’t already. Martha Peace provides more than a few helpful exercises in the back of the 10th Anniversary Edition.

Addendum A — Salvation Worksheets

Addendum B — The “Put Off” – “Put On” Dynamic

Addendum C — Questions & Answers

Addendum D — A Biblical View of Authority

Addendum E — Meekness Assessment and Homework Assignment

Addendum F — Examples of Not Answering a Fool According to His Folly

Addendum G — Loneliness

Addendum H — The Character of God and the Issue of Biblical Submission

Addendum I — Misperceptions Regarding a Wife’s Submission to Her Husband

Addendum J — Advice for Women Married to Unbelievers

These additional chapters go with their corresponding chapters in the book proper, but there isn’t a note in the chapters to tell you to go the addendum for a little extra help and exercise. Since we’re on Chapter 4 now, it would be a good idea to work through Addendums A and B as you have the time.

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  1. You have done such a great job on this! Thanks for your hard work 🙂


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