I hope the Little House Series isn’t ruined for her

Hannah takes after her parents in that she loves to read. Her birthday was last month, and one of her gifts was a set of the original Little House books for her birthday. She immediately started reading the first book.

Fast forward to yesterday when I pulled out her next book in her reading curriculum. It is also a Little House book, but it is from The Rose Years, Little House on Rocky Ridge. This is a series of books chronicling the life and adventures of Rose, Laura and Almanzo’s daughter.

Yesterday, I sent Hannah to read Chapter 1 during her reading time. After a little while, I heard her shout, “Mary is blind?! What happened?!”

She’s just going to have to get busy reading those books to find out!

5 Comments on “I hope the Little House Series isn’t ruined for her

  1. She’ll be okay. The TV series was about five years old before I was reading well enough to read the books, so most of the surprises were spoiled for me as well. I still loved the books.


  2. I’m reading those books now. I only read “Little House on the Prairie” as a child. As my 9-year old has discovered the show & the books, I’m going through them with her. It’s great fun!


  3. My absolute favorite books growing up! What fun to revisit them through the eyes of your daughter!


  4. These were my favorite books too! My mom had actually read the entire (originial) series to me several times before I could even read them myself. So I’ve always hated the TV show. The characters are just not the same and everything is different. It’s a complete exploitation of their true lives. =D


  5. I still remember crying when I found out that Mary was blind. We loved watching the show together as a family. My daughter read all of the books while still a young girl. When we went to visit a college campus last month, I am embarrassed to admit that one of the bits of trivia that interested me most was that the TV show Little House on the Prairie was filmed only a few miles from the school campus!Blessings, Joannep.s. my first stop by!


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