What’s on your wish list?

I make a fair amount of my online book purchases Westminster Bookstore. One reason I like WTSBooks is because they keep really old books in stock. One thing I have always thought WTSBooks lacked is the “wish list” feature like the one you find at Amazon.

I’ll peruse virtual book shelves even when I know I’m not going to buy anything — same as I do in a real bookstore. When I find one I like, it’s great to be able to put it on a list so that I don’t forget about it when I actually do have some spending money. Of course, I couldn’t do that at WTSBooks.

That is, until today.

WTSBooks now has a wish list function! It is different from Amazon’s in that you cannot make it public (they’re working on that) and you cannot add “Coming Soon” titles (they’re working on that, too).

So, I spent some playtime adding a few titles to my WTSBooks wish list. Here’s what I added:


Plus all these books by Dr. Helen Roseveare, missionary to Africa.

What would you put on your wish list?

3 Comments on “What’s on your wish list?

  1. I’ve never purchased from Westminster before, thanks for the referral! I’m normally too cheap to buy books new. I always check half.com first and then move on to independent amazon sellers. I’ve often found out of print/hard to find books on alibris.comhalf.com is my first stop, though. It has GREAT prices and since it’s an ebay company all feedback for my purchases on half.com are added to my ebay feedback ratings!hmmm. You’ve just given me the topic of my next “Works for Me Wednesday!” I’ll share all my favorite discount book sources! Thanks!


  2. I’ve heard of Helen Roseveare from a friend of mine here who apparently fell in love with her books. Have you read any of them yet, and if so, what would you recommend reading first?


  3. Well, I first heard of Helen Roseveare in Noel Piper’s book, Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God. She includes several quotes from Roseveare’s writings. I have not actually read any of Dr. Roseveare’s books, which is why I want them. 🙂 I really enjoy missionary biographies.


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