It’s Magic

Abbey refused to eat her lunch until I cut it with this:

Somehow, two heart-shaped tuna sandwiches tasted a bazillion times better than one regular-shaped tuna sandwich.

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9 thoughts on “It’s Magic

  1. I don't blame her! I'll bet heart shaped sandwiches really DO taste better. I tell my kids I put love into every PB & J sandwich I make for them, but yours really shows. =)


  2. Too funny! Neither one of my kids will eat grilled cheese until I cut the “crusties” off! Gotta love our kids.


  3. There is something special and magical about a cookie cutter. My mom used to put smilie faces inside my PB and J sandwiches. Before Id’ eat it, I’d lift the top bread slice to make sure it was there. It didn’t taste the same without it.


  4. That is really sweet! I have seen those before, but haven’t picked one up. We do, however, have one like that that cuts out two dinosaurs. I think it’s a hoot!


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