Resources for Changing Lives

These resources look worth the investment.

Angry Children: Understanding and Helping Your Child Regain Control

Divorce Recovery: Growing and Healing God’s Way

How to Love Difficult People: Receiving and Sharing God’s Mercy

When Bad Things Happen: Thoughtful Answers to Hard Questions

Freedom from Guilt: Finding Release from Your Burdens

Recovering from Child Abuse: Healing and Hope for Victims

Eating Disorders: The Quest for Thinness

Help for the Caregiver: Facing the Challenges with Understanding and Strength

Healing after Abortion: God’s Mercy Is for You

Help! My Spouse Committed Adultery: First Steps for Dealing with Betrayal

Family Feuds: How to Respond

Living with an Angry Spouse: Help for Victims of Abuse

Single Parents: Daily Grace for the Hardest Job

How Do I Stop Losing It with My Kids?: Getting to the Heart of Your Discipline Problems

Peer Pressure: Recognizing the Warning Signs and Giving New Direction

Help for Stepfamilies: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Learning to Love

Helping Your Adopted Child: Understanding Your Child’s Unique Identity

Who Does the Dishes?: Decision Making in Marriage

Should We Get Married?: How to Evaluate Your Relationship

Renewing Marital Intimacy: Closing the Gap Between You and Your Spouse

Facing Death with Hope: Living for What Lasts

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