Missionary Monday: Parker ?

I am excited to tell you about a young man in our church named Parker. For his safety, I don’t want to share his last name with you. He won’t even tell us where he will be going because he will be serving in a part of the world that is very hostile to the gospel. The only thing I know for sure is that he is going to share the gospel with Muslims.

He will be traveling this week to Richmond, VA., home of the IMB of the SBC (that’s the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention), for 8 weeks of training.

This is going to be a very stressful time for him. In addition to the stress of being in a new place, the training is going to be intense. He has to learn a difficult foreign language, learn customs and other things about how to live wherever he is going, and learn how to share the gospel with the people there.

Then, when those 8 weeks of training are completed, Parker will travel across the world to spread the gospel!

At the end of our time of worship last night, our church gathered around Parker to pray for him. David, another international missionary in our church, offered a very powerful prayer!

It was my privilege to talk to Parker briefly. I wanted to assure him that my family would remember to pray for him. His confidence in God to meet his needs and his zeal for God’s glory left me amazed and hungry for the same.

Parker reminded me that a real battle is going on all around me. I am guilty of getting so caught up in what I can see going on in my little world that I forget the very real struggle going on between God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom around the world.

Please take a few moments to pray for Parker and other like-minded missionaries who gladly lay down their lives to see all nations worship Jesus Christ.

4 Comments on “Missionary Monday: Parker ?

  1. Amen! Praise God for the Parker’s in the body!!!!! Thanks for sharing so that we could have the joy of praying too!


  2. Thanks for sharing about missions on your blog. I am also guilty of getting caught up in my own little sphere and then when it is put before me what amazing things God is doing through people, I wish I were a part of it. btw, I desperately tried to use your links on Friday to see what was going on. I had not heard anything until I read your blog. My computer was acting stupid and froze every time I tried, but Mark finally told me what it was all about as he was listening to Sirius radio.Thanks for the heads up! Exciting stuff…


  3. AMEN! I am thankful for people like Parker, who are willing to go to another country and spread the gospel!!!!


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