Praying for the peace of Christ to rule in my heart

A few chapters ago we discussed the chapter on anger in The Excellent Wife. Not too long after that, I came across this quote from Lilias Trotter:

I was at Fehira’s the other day. She was heavy and sorrowful. At last it came out that her husband had said some very insulting things about her and that they had been noised about and her good name blackened.

“Did you answer him back?” I asked.

“Without doubt I did!” was the answer. So we read about Him who, when He was reviled, reviled not again, and she prayed, “Lord, make my tongue quiet.”

Today I was there again and asked how things had been. Yes, her tongue had been kept quiet, she said, ‘but all is hot inside. The words stay in, because I asked God, but it is all hot.”

So we went a bit further on the road to holiness and she prayed, “Lord, Thou has made my tongue quiet. Make my heart quiet now.”

(From Blossoms in the Desert: Reflections of Faith in the Art and Writings of Lilias Trotter by Miriam Huffman Rockness)

I love two things about this quote. First, I appreciate the fact that even though God kept her tongue quiet she still struggled with angry feelings. I admire Fehira for being honest with her friend. It also reminds me that God is not merely satisfied with externals. He wants our hearts, too. If we would have clean tongues, then let us pray for pure hearts.

Second, I love the picture of going “a bit further on the road to holiness.” We begin by praying for God to help us with the most obvious sins. Then, we move a bit further on the road and understand that our sinfulness is greater than we first realized. The road to holiness is long and narrow, with deep ditches on either side.

Just take it one prayerful step at a time.

8 Comments on “Praying for the peace of Christ to rule in my heart

  1. Wonderful reminders! I have found that my feelings generally follow actions of obedience and not the other way around. God blesses those little feeble efforts even as I do them by His grace – so much that I always wonder why I would not trust His ways. I am so blessed by your blog, Leslie!


  2. btw, I am tagging you today! We want to know more about Leslie. =)


  3. Thanks for that quote, Leslie, and your thoughts on it! Such helpful reminders for “practicing Christians.”


  4. I love that quote. Lord quiet my heart! What a great prayer…


  5. Oh, that made me want to cry! That’s EXACTLY how I feel when I hold my tongue! Like “it’s all hot inside”. Now I have to pray for Him to quiet my heart too!!!!


  6. Thanks for sharing this. Great reminder that it’s the heart issue we need to address.


  7. Thanks for this, Leslie.I saw that you started school. I hope you are having a great start to your year!


  8. This was such a good post. It is important that our actions are Christ-like but it matters not to God if those actions are veiling a sinful heart.


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