Talking about God with my 5 year old

The last several weeks, Abbey and I have had some interesting conversations about God and whether or not she loves him. She says over and over again how much she loves God, sometimes even turning her words into a song.

Last night, Abbey joined me in the kitchen to cook dinner. I was pulling chicken off bones and she was going through the contents of my purse. She found her favorite mirror and said, “I love looking at myself in the mirror.”

“I know an even better mirror than that one.”

I immediately had her attention.

She gasped, “Where is it?”

“It’s God’s Word,” I answered.

“The Bible is not a mirror,” she laughed.

“Yes, it is,” I explained. “When we read it, we can see our hearts and whether or not they look like Jesus’ heart.”

“And they don’t,” she said, “Nobody’s heart can look like His.”

“Do you know what God does to help our hearts?” I asked, hoping she might recall some of our other talks.

“He gives new hearts!” she shouted happily.

“Yes,” I said, “And he gives new hearts to anyone who knows they need a new one and will ask him for one.”

“Why?” she wanted to know.

“Because it makes him very happy to give new hearts.”


“Because he is full of love and it makes him happy to show his love.”


“Because it makes him happy.”


“Because it does.”


“Because God is just happy.”


“Because He is.”


“Because He’s God.”


“Because He is.”


At this point we started laughing and I stuck a little piece of chicken in her mouth. I love these little moments with my children.


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