Kids say…

It’s Abbey again.

Abbey: Mom, when are you going to get me a retard?

ME: A what?

Abbey: A RE-tard!

ME: What do you mean?

Abbey: You know, for jinastix.

ME: Oh, honey, you mean LEE O TARD.

Abbey: Oh, yeah. Leotard. Well? When are you gonna get me one?

4 Comments on “Kids say…

  1. That is just too funny. My 7 year old does that stuff all the time. I love it.


  2. Hilarious. I can just imagine her repeating herself a little louder and pronounced the second time to make sure you understood. My son does the same thing :o)


  3. Last night by middle son was reciting a Bible verse that said that “nothing was hidden” from the eyes of God. When I asked him what it meant, he said that God didn’t see it when you were “hitting” people.*Shakes Head*


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