Saxon Math K

When Hannah started kindergarten, I bought Saxon Math K. After about a month, I decided she needed more of a challenge. I bought Saxon Math 1 for her. Since then, I’ve used Saxon K Math for my kids when they were 4 years old. It’s perfect for a bright 4 year old. Since all of my children are 5 and up, I’m selling my Saxon K Instructor Guide. If you’re interested, please check my eBay listing.

Nevermind checking eBay. They removed it because it is a teacher’s text and they don’t want students buying it and, thus, having access to answer keys. I’m going to try to relist it without the words “teacher” or “instructor” in the description.

Okay, it’s re-listed!


2 Comments on “Saxon Math K

  1. You never know. There might be a cheatin’ little kindergartner out there looking for the easy way out of the counting bears.


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