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Wendy asks, “Are you at the conference?”

No, I decided not to go. Karl was willing for me to go, but I didn’t feel good about the hit our budget would take in order for me to attend. I figured I could just wait until they packaged the conference and I would buy the CDs.

Fortunately, ROH is offering a live video stream of the conference on the True Woman website. So, it’s just like being there, but with the added bonus of being able to work through the laundry and tuck the kids in bed.

It’s starts again in the morning at 8:30 Central. I’ll probably miss most of the morning sessions. That’s alright because Tim Challies and Carolyn McCulley are doing the live-blog thing.

4 Comments on “True Woman Conference video feed

  1. This conference was my choice of the year event to attend!! Oh, I have wanted to go for a long time, but unfortunately I could not break away right now. Thanks for the link – now I can have my cake (family and school) and eat it, too (The lovely Nancy along with Piper)!


  2. She is lovely, isn’t she? This is my first time to see her speak. I’ve heard her on the radio, of course, but never really made a real connection with her until now. It helps to


  3. I was wondering the same thing too. Thanks for the quotes.


  4. Thanks for the heads up–I was dissapointed about not having the chance to go.


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