The Best Deal for an ESV Study Bible

WTS Books is offering all of the faux-leather and actual leather Study Bibles at 40% off, and the hardcover edition at 43% off. With their new $3 economy shipping for the hardcover, that makes the total price of any of these editions with shipping the best of any reputable seller on the web. Plus, any order from WTS Books with the new ESV STudy Bible will ship Oct. 13.

For more info on the ESV Study Bible visit Crossway Books.

What’s sad is that I ordered mine so long ago I can’t recall which one I ordered. Which one is your favorite?

4 Comments on “The Best Deal for an ESV Study Bible

  1. I want the Burgundy genuine leather, because it will match regardless of whether I’m wearing black or navy to church. Priorities.But the genuine calfskin would probably be lovely. Maybe I’ll get one for Christmas…


  2. I ordered mine! Or, I should say ours–brown true tone for the husband and burgundy leather for me! Can’t wait!


  3. I love the ESV…I need to look at the study notes to see if this will be my next bible purchase…my nasb is in tatters..! 🙂


  4. The bookstore I work for, Scripture Truth Book Co. will have the ESV Study Bible available starting tomorrow, Oct. 15th for the following prices:ESV Study Hardcover- $32.99ESV Study Tru Tone Brown- $52.49ESV Study Gen Black- $62.99 shipping rates are very reasonable. No more than $4-6 dollars, depending upon the price.I’ve been waiting for over a year for this bible. I was able to review a copy yesterday and I thoroughly enjoy it! I got the Tru-Tone Natural Brown and I must say, it’s a beautiful Bible! I’ve used the ESV Reformation Bible since it came out. This new ESV Study Bible is different enough to make a good companion.Thanks,Chris Griffith


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