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The Tale of Despereaux
Our family is so excited that The Tale of Despereaux opens tomorrow! It’s one of our favorite books. Hannah received it as a gift last Christmas. We all wanted to read it, so I used it as a family read-aloud earlier this year.

Hannah is a voracious reader. She’s like me in that she gets restless without a book to read. In the last week, she’s read three new books and is begging to go the library again. When we can’t make it to the library (fast enough for her liking), she pulls out one of her favorites. Three out of five times I’ll find Despereaux in her hands again. When I ask her why she likes it so much, she says, “I don’t know. I just really like it.”

(I guess we need to work on narrations and reports a little more.)

Anyway, read The Tale of Despereaux with your kids and go see the movie. You can find out more information and view the trailer at the movie site.

Also, Tullian Tchividjian invited a friend to explain why you should go see The Tale of Despereaux. He includes discussion questions for personal, church and family use. Excellent stuff!

For some reason, Benjamin cannot walk on his right foot without crying. We thought it was just a bruise; he’s been complaining for a few days, but now it’s obviously much worse than we thought. He can’t move his toes. Karl is taking him to get an x-ray now. We would appreciate your prayers.

UPDATE: Ben’s foot is NOT broken. It’s badly bruised.

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  1. I don’t hear much about movies until Jason orders them through Netflix ; ) So, I haven’t heard of this, but will have to see it now ; ) I’m so glad that Benjamin’s foot was NOT broken…I’m WAY behind on blogs…again! ; )


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