Get Outta My Face! — UPDATED!

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Paul David Tripp says, “Rick Horne has invested in teens his whole life. He has learned that he is more like them than unlike them. From years of first hand experience, he knows how to talk with them and his is not afraid of the tough ones. What you will read here is the wisdom of a man who has experienced the courage and hope that transforming grace can give to you and that hard teenager God has chosen for you to be near. This book is a call to action with biblical perspectives and practical steps that God can use to change the teenager and you as well.”

Dave Harvey, author of When Sinners Say “I Do,” says, “Rick Horne knows teens the kind that won’t talk and those that won’t stop talking. If you have a teenager, you need this book. In fact, don’t wait for the teen years! Arm yourself now with the timeless truths from this book that counsels moms and dads with gospel-hope for teenage trials.”

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One Comment on “Get Outta My Face! — UPDATED!

  1. I had the privilege of editing this book as a freelancer, and working with Rick Horne was just a great experience. He was kind enough to let me publish his kudos on the Testimonials page at my site, I think the book does a great job of teaching parents how to reach kids where they live without in the least watering down biblical truth.


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