Tales from Camping Trips Past: Disney World

Nanny and Paw Paw came to get us, my dorky little brother and me, early one morning during our Christmas break (1986) and take us to Disney World. I remember Lance being a little anxious about leaving our parents for so long. Not me.

My Aunt Carol, Uncle Hayden, and cousin Will (appearing in the previous post) also joined us on this trip. They lived in the campsite right next door to ours.

This picture shows Paw Paw and me at the top of my driveway just before we hit the road.

This trip would be a little different because we were traveling and living in Nanny and Paw Paw’s RV. The next picture shows what I did most of the time we weren’t in the Magic Kingdom…

My walkman and headphones were permanently affixed to my head for several years. On this particular trip, I played Huey Lewis and the News’, Fore!, and Bon Jovi’s, Slippery When Wet, to death. Don’t laugh — you know you like it.

Santa knew where to find us this year, too.

If I can ever talk Hubs into taking our family to Disney World, then I hope we stay in the campground. Not only would it be economical for us, I remember all the fun I had on this camping trip. Lots of campers decorated their tents and RVs with lights and Christmas decorations. It was very festive. Every evening there was something to do. The playgrounds in the campground were fun and a great place to meet other kids. We had to ride a ferry across the lake to get to the Magic Kingdom, and, next to the ground, my favorite thing to be on is the water.

Nearing the end of our vacation, Nanny and Paw Paw bought us some souvenirs. From the pictures, I can tell they bought matching sweat shirts for us. We all wanted the same things: mouse ears…


and the spinning drum thingy from Karate Kid II…

These drum things are dangerous! On our first night back home, Lance and I were telling our parents all about our trip and our favorite parts. Lance’s favorite ride was “The Run-Away Mine Train.” He was holding his spinning drum thingy as he demonstrated one of the hills and turns on the roller coaster.

“And then it went WHOOOOSH!” he demonstrated for Mom.

Just as he “whooshed,” the drum part of the spinning drum thingy flew off its stick and hit me right between the eyes. You know, the fatty part between your eyebrows? That’s where it got me. And everybody thought it was soooo hilarious until they saw that it popped my skin right open and blood was pouring down my face. Good thing my mom was a nurse.

5 Comments on “Tales from Camping Trips Past: Disney World

  1. Hilarious and what fun memories!I went on a youth group trip to DW in about the 7th grade and we stayed at the campgrounds…IN TENTS! The only thing I remember from that trip is waking up to a rainy morning and the INSIDE of the tent was wet!I Spy a CB….breaker, breaker 1-9. We got an RV convoy headed to the house of the mouse.


  2. Love your posts on camping. We are thinking of purchasing a camper for vacations. Economical and better bonding opporunities:)


  3. How fun! My sister totally loved Huey Lewis too!


  4. Great photos! For all the Disney visits we’ve had, we’ve never been camping as a family. I went with a Girl Scout troup as a girl and FavoriteSon has gone RVing with friends there. A family camping trip sounds fun – but in the spring. NOT the summer. too sticky.


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