Sincerely Fro Me to You: My Fro

I think I probably should have shared a picture of my fro for my first “Sincerely Fro” post. Instead I shared a couple of pictures from my first birthday. Today, I am going to rectify everything and share a picture of me and one of my fros. If you grew up in the 80s, then you probably had a perm. I had several. Today’s picture has to be my first perm, circa 1985.

The following pic is a good indicator of how much I cared about my appearance and how silly my family is/was…

As you can probably guess, that’s me on the far left. I may have mentioned this earlier in the bloggy week, but I’ve been sorting through and scanning hundreds of my family’s old photos. I can’t tell you how many have me wearing a male button down shirt. It must have been my favorite article of clothing because this look, the one I’m sporting in the above picture, is my signature look. Dad is in the middle. And that’s my kid brother, Lance, on the right. I don’t know why he isn’t saluting. There’s a giant battleship behind us, for crying out loud! At least he looks happy. And he’s wearing one of my hand-me-downs.

More of my hair-dos (more like hair-don’ts) next week!

5 Comments on “Sincerely Fro Me to You: My Fro

  1. From the Queen of the Button Down in the 80’s….I salute YOU, fro and all.


  2. This really had me laughing. I think you need to ask Lance about his refusal to salute. A political statment? I wonder….Such an awesome FRO post. Thank you so much for coming to the party. Watch out for the punch- Mr. Linky spiked it!


  3. Love it! My younger brother wore some of my hand-me-down sleepers – and they were pink!!


  4. this reminds me of one of mine of me, my dad, and my sister on vacation.


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