April Status Report

Sitting…on the big couch.

Drinking…coffee, with cream and sugar.

Noting…that I really ought to be putting the finishing touches on a book review rather than blogging.

Weighing…my options for serving our church. The areas and opportunities are wide open!

Tired…from staying up too late last night. We were given four tickets to see “Walking with the Dinosaurs.” Karl took three kids to the show, while Hannah and I had some much needed time alone together. We went out for dinner and shopping for several hours (why I’m tired), something that I’m learning she really loves to do.

Thinking…blogging is fun. Why did I quit?

Wondering…why nearly everyone on the t.v. is acting like they didn’t know Barack Obama would do what he’s doing to America. Were they not listening to anything he said during his two year campaign?!

Reading…Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin.

Recently finished…reading Gifted to Lead by Nancy Beach. She’s egalitarian in her approach to the roles of men and women in the church, so I won’t recommend this book.

Also wondering…whether I’m going to have to till more ground for the garden. My little plants are really growing in their greenhouse; I will have to transplant them soon. I just hope than I’ve broken enough ground for all of them.

Needing…to stop fretting so much over the collapse of America and just hop on Obama’s hope and change train. It’s going to be awesome!

Not liking…how long this is taking. Now I remember why I scaled back on my blogging habit.

Feeling silly…for trying to blog again.

On that note…I’m off to check on the kids (make sure they’re doing their work) and finish that book review.

Oh, and I totally ripped The Status Report from Lisa.

7 Comments on “April Status Report

  1. I’ve got the Levin book on order. Are you liking it? I can’t wait to read it.


  2. You’re not silly! And I’m glad you’re back!


  3. I was just about to shoot you an email asking where in the world you’ve been and lo, and behold, a post…and not just any post but a post eerily similar to my own! 🙂 Loved your status report and I echo Kim: Please keep blogging! I’ve missed seeing you!


  4. Yay! Where do you go to church? Our church doesn’t seem to have any needs…at least none that WE could fill anyway. 😦


  5. Yes, keep up the good work. Yours is one of the good blogs. I’ve found your posts helpful and enjoyable.At least post that book review you’re working on!


  6. I’ve missed you as well, Leslie! I “ripped off” Lisa’s status report too 🙂


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