Tuscaloosa Tea Party

The Tuscaloosa County Tax Day Tea Party was awesome! I took several pictures of the crowd and a few signs, but I can’t upload them right now. I will as soon as I can, though.

They estimated that around 1,000 people came to the UA Quad — a lot more than I expected in T-Town. All kinds of people were represented in the crowd: elderly, middle aged, young adult, college, teens, little kids, black, white, other races. Despite what may be being shown in the mainstream media today, yesterday represented a grassroots movement comprised of a lot more people than just wealthy, old, white men.

I feel so much better! It’s a relief to know that I’m not alone in my concerns for America’s future.

The following is a clip from our local newspaper. We really did have a tea party!

One Comment on “Tuscaloosa Tea Party

  1. Our biased, antagonistic media will never let you know just how many of us are out there. Take heart!!Also for a spiritual twist…Jesus has overcome the world!


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