My view of the tea parties

I really didn’t know what to expect for the Tuscaloosa Tax Day Tea Party. I must admit that my expectations were low. But as I walked up to the Quad I was pleasantly surprised to see a great crowd. They were all singing our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

After the singing, someone led us in prayer. Yes, prayer! He prayed for our nation, our president, and that the day’s protests would be peaceful. I’d say that God answered our prayers for a peaceful protest in Tuscaloosa.

Robert McCain, a.k.a. “The Other McCain,” spoke first. He is originally from Alabama and is a writer for The American Spectator. He encouraged us to take this energy and get organized. He also said that if the Republican party is smart they’ll latch on.

Contrary to media reports, the tax day tea parties were not organized by one big political group. Individuals, moved by their own concern for our country, organized these protests. Tuscaloosa’s tea party was organized by a graduate student and her fiance. It started with just the two of them. You can see a couple of them behind Big Luther (he’s 6’9″).

Liberals just can’t wrap their brains around individuals doing anything without their help. When it comes to protests, they had to invent Rent-A-Mob. Nancy Pelosi said this movement was astroturf, not grassroots. Do you know where the term astroturf in relation to political protest comes from? David “Astroturf” Axelrod coined the term astroturfing to refer to his method of manufactured grassroots support. The tea parties were so successful that the libs can’t imagine that there weren’t deep, corrupted pockets behind them.

And of course there were signs!

I heard one CNN reporter ask the leader of Americans for Prosperity why conservatives didn’t protest while Bush was spending so much. I have yet to hear anyone give what I think is the right answer: conservatives protested by not voting for Republicans in the mid-term elections. The representatives who bowed down for the last dozen years weren’t reelected.

Tea and pork were the major themes of the day. The heavenly scent of sausage grilling filled the air. I didn’t eat anything because I knew that dinner was waiting for me at home, but I did drink a cup of tea — good ol’ southern style sweet tea.
“Less pork on bills. More pork on grills.”

We are sick of politicians calling themselves conservatives and not acting conservative once they take their seats. Bush’s compassionate conservativism sounds nice and good but it’s not conservative, as we found out. Conservatives want conservative leadership, not bi-partisan leadership.

I’ve heard the next big protest will be July 4th. Instead of bringing tea bags, we’re going to show up with bells on — LIBERTY BELLS!

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  1. Leslie- I wish I had met you at the Tea Party, but I enjoyed reading your blog of the event! What a great experience it truly was. I was hoping to find a picture of our 4yo Samuel (somewhere on the internet), who won the Sign Contest with “Get your hands out of my piggy bank”, but your fifth picture is a picture of my 11 yo and her dad’s signs put together. The top one is hers and the bottom one is his. Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone an accurate and detailed account of this peaceable protest!


  2. Wow, this is great – I’m glad to read a post from someone who actually got to attend!! I would have gone to the one here in Louisville, but it was right in the middle of the workday, but I heard the turnout here was really good, too. I got to watch news footage of some of the ones in Texas, and I must say it made me proud of my home state 🙂


  3. I was a Tax Day baby…therefore I was celebrating over dinner at Mug Shots! Looks like a great turnout and I wonder what it will be like in July?!


  4. Interesting. This is probably the most thoughtful as well as positive report I have heard from anyone who attended. If people in attendance maintained their dignity and stuck to the issue at hand (not jumping on a soap box for every pet “conservative” issue, as I heard happened at some of these events) then I am encouraged.


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