A Pondering

Thought #1: I want to try a strawberry cookie cake with white chocolate chips.

Looking at the box, thought #2: I bet a strawberry flavored cookie would be kind of weird.

Looking into the distance of the Publix ceiling, thought #3: But strawberry cake is the best. It can’t taste that bad flattened out like a cookie with white chocolate chips added.

Thought #4: It could be too weird to eat, though. What if no one wants to eat any of it?

Tossing the box into my buggy with a shrug, thought #5: More for me.

Home, making the strawberry cookie cake.

Thought #6: Mmmm, this batter tastes good.

Thought #7: Mmmm, smells good in the oven.

Thought #8: Franken Berry.

3 Comments on “A Pondering

  1. WOW, haven’t thought about Frakenberry in decades. I am still going to have to try this cookie cake recipe.


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