Book Review: 101 Devotions for Homeschool Moms

by Jackie Wellwood

We all experience good days and bad days. Life for the home school mom is no exception. Early in my home schooling career, a veteran home school mom advised me to put together a file of articles, inspirational stories, and a stack of books; things to read on those difficult days that would encourage, energize and remind me why I want to home school. One Hundred and One Devotions for Homeschool Moms by Jackie Wellwood is a devotional that I can put in that file.

Jackie Wellwood understands the unique struggles of home school moms. The anecdotes for each day’s entry come from her wealth of experience as a mother and educator to her seven children. It is almost as if the events of the previous day inspire that day’s meditation and prayer. She explains in the preface,

“Spiritual growth is the purpose of this devotional. I wrote it for me even though I believe it will help you, too. I wanted a book for my bedside table that would minister to the unique circumstances that I face as a homeschool mom. My problems are not unusual.”

Any Christian home schooling mother will be able to relate to and be encouraged by this devotional.

I found myself agreeing with her as she shared her struggles as a mother, her insecurities, her mistakes, and her need for God’s daily grace and strength. She writes with compassion and empathy on a wide variety of topics that home school mothers face, such as attitude, serving with joy, dealing with disappointment, showing grace to other moms, dealing with hateful criticism, and sacrificing personal desires. She throws in a few child-training tips, too.

Each entry begins with scripture. A heartfelt prayer follows each devotion. Then, she provides several thoughtful questions and/or suggestions for practical application of the truth presented in the devotion, such as a verse to memorize or a task to accomplish. In a few places, Wellwood offers a resource for further study or help. Each reading is only one page, front and back. The devotions are easy to read and the perfect length for busy home school moms. There are lined pages in the back of the book for personal notes. I happily recommend this devotional to Christian home schooling moms. It encouraged me, and I hope it will you, too.

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