Girl Talk Book Club — Womanly Dominion

Womanly Dominion: More Than a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Mark Chanski is the latest Girl Talk book club selection. They plan to start blogging through this book, at a pace of two chapters per week, the week of August 10th. I’m planning read along and blog my way through it with them. Interested in what Carolyn Mahaney has to say about this book? Go here. Interested in ordering the book to read and/or blog through it with the “club?” Go here.

Please let me know if you’ll be reading it, too.

5 Comments on “Girl Talk Book Club — Womanly Dominion

  1. Yes, I am planning on it…found it for $10.95 at Solid Ground books…of course, you have to add shipping…still cheaper than Amazon.


  2. Doh, I just e-mailed you about this and then realized that I had already read this on your blog and commented…I am soooo losing it–lol. Looking forward to reading along with you!!


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