Status Update: August

Sitting…at the computer desk.

Drinking…nothing. I’m waiting on my coffee to finish brewing.

Moving…rather slowly this morning. We stayed up too late last night reading Lord of the Rings. I hear the kids are just now beginning to stir.

Recovering…from a wedding. Karl’s cousin Mary-Elizabeth married her high school sweetheart this past Saturday. We had a fun family-filled weekend. Congratulations, ME and Brad!

Also recovering from shopping this weekend. We took advantage of our state’s tax-free weekend to buy some clothing. Karl has been rather sick of my wearing the same few articles of clothing week in and week out. I have this one skirt that he just hates now. So, he forced me to shop til I dropped. He found a chair and refused to leave until I had some new clothes that made me happy. It wore me out.

Planning…to eat some breakfast and start our school day. I scheduled a field trip to visit the offices of one of our US senators this morning.

ReviewingThe Silent Seduction of Self-Talk: Conforming Deadly Thought Patterns to the Word of God by Shelly Beach. Lord willing, I’ll have that review ready this week.

Wanting…to go back to bed. Karl has the week off and I can hear him snoring.

Stressing…hmmm, I’m not stressing over anything at the moment.

Surprised…at last week’s outcry over nationalized health care and our country’s growing debt. I really didn’t expect to see so many come out against this plan.

ReadingWomanly Dominion by Mark Chanski, The Brothers Karamazov (yes, still), and Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning by Douglas Wilson.

Eager…for our first co-op day. The kids are going to enjoy their classes and making new friends. I am going to enjoy helping teach a class entitled, “Dead Poets.”

Catching up…on house work. Always.

Missing…I missed the blog last week. I started several posts and left them in the drafts pile, refusing to emerge from my break. I’m looking forward to writing about Womanly Dominion this week.

Kids are up now! Gotta run! Have a blessed day!

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding. We tried to get a good one of all our kids and their 1st cousins, but, as you can see, it didn’t happen. One child refused to sit in the picture at all and the rest of them were just too silly. Oh, well.

One Comment on “Status Update: August

  1. Can't wait for the review on "The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk". Sounds interesting. My family's budget is rather tight, so there is not much extra for books; however, this subject is one I have battled with. Looking forward to your take on the book. I've come to trust your opinion, so I'll know if it is worth spending the money on or not.Blessings on ya!


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