He loved Jesus and America (Field Trip, Part 3)

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The folk art of Rev. Benjamin F. Perkins is also featured in Fayette’s art museum.

I took art classes when I was a youngster and teen, but my mom only kept one of my paintings. It’s a runny watercolor of a sailboat before a bright red sunset. I was in love with sailing (my aunt and uncle took me out on their boat) and so I painted lots of sunsets over the water. I’m not saying I know anything about art; I only know what art means to me. I know what I like. I want it to speak to me without words. Mr. Perkins’ art features too many words. I can appreciate Mr. Perkins the man (for his service to his church and his service as a Marine), but his art didn’t take my breath away.

But what do I know? His pieces sell for thousands of dollars.

From mailboxes to gourds, very single piece from Perkins’ brush is red, white and blue.

In all of his paintings of churches, Perkins painted a clock set to 10:00 AM. Mr. Perkins loved Sunday School.

A rendering of his driveway:

Yes, his home was painted red, white, and blue.

I like this gourd:

This is a biblical timeline of sorts. It’s called, “Six 1000-year Days.”

This is Rev. Perkins:

His last will & testament:

After the art gallery, we headed to the Golden Eagle Syrup Plant for some soppin’ and hoppin.’

2 Comments on “He loved Jesus and America (Field Trip, Part 3)

  1. Oh cool! I love all of the red, white, and blue.Can I just say (AGAIN) how embarrassed I am that I've never been to the Golden Eagle Syrup plant? I grew up eating the stuff…haven't bought it in years. My.kids.have.never.had.it.on.a.hot.biscuit. Oh my! I am so ashamed!


  2. Looks interesting…I was thinking about you this morning as I was reading my new book. I thought it might interest you. It's called "Treasures of Encouragement: Women Helping Women in the Church" by Sharon W. Betters. I'm only on chapter two but it is excellent so far. It's published by P & R so I guess I shouldn't be surprised…hadn't heard of the author before though. Anyway, thought I'd mention it and see if you'd heard of it or not. What resources have you found helpful as you've sought to grow in this area?Warmly,Mrs. David Hankins


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