Splashpads, Funnel Cakes, and Happy Trees (Field Trip Part 6)

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We grabbed some lunch and headed over to Guthrie Smith Park. Fayette recently installed a “green” play area they call The Splashpad. This was the kids’ favorite part, I think.

Noah, my sweet child, spent most of the time shooting people with horse spit.

Abbey loved this tunnel. That is until she and Noah ran through it from opposite directions with their eyes closed. Poor Abbey…she just wasn’t having a very good day. Not only did she run into her brother’s hard head, get a little scared at the historical archives, she also forgot her swimsuit (she packed it in a bag and then forgot the bag — she is my daughter) and had to spend the rest of the day in wet clothes. She wasn’t too sure about it until I assured her that I didn’t mind and that they would eventually dry.

She cheered up after a little while though because….ah AH ah…

That, my friends, is a tub of boiling oil for the making of funnel cakes. Our awesome field trip hostess whipped up some batter and fried funnel cakes right there at the picnic tables. How can you stay upset when funnel cakes are placed before you?

After lunch and playing in the water for a while, I decided to take the kids on a little nature study. One of the features of this park is a nature walk with 21 native Alabama trees. The kids and I got out our clipboards, crayons, and paper, and headed into the woods.

We wrote down the names of all the trees, made leaf rubbings, and smelled each leaf. We took note of the similarities and differences of all the trees. Our God is so amazing and creative! And we had so much fun learning about His trees!

And we met up with some dancing butterflies.

It was a beautiful day!

I realize this week’s posting has been a departure from the usual fare around here. Thanks for reading anyway.

3 Comments on “Splashpads, Funnel Cakes, and Happy Trees (Field Trip Part 6)

  1. Oh, boy! I love funnel cakes. We love that Splash Pad, too. (Finally, someplace we've actually been!!!) Funnel cakes make everything more fun.Did y'all get to feed the ducks and turtles at the lake?I've driven through Fayette twice this week. I'm looking at it through all new eyes, thanks to you.: )


  2. That looks like fun! Maybe if I'm ever that far south I'll stop by there. I have an uncle in AL but the furthest south we usually go is TN and my uncle comes there to visit us…oh well. Thanks for sharing!


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