Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrows

by Nancy Guthrie

Publisher’s Description: In this paradigm-shifting book, Nancy Guthrie gently invites readers to lean in along with her to hear Jesus speak understanding and insight into the lingering questions we all have about the hurts of life: What was God’s involvement in this, and why did he let it happen? Why hasn’t God answered my prayers for a miracle? Can I expect God to protect me? Does God even care? According to Nancy, this questioning is not a bad thing at all but instead an opportunity. It’s a chance to hear with fresh ears the truth in the promises of the gospel we may have misapplied. It lets us retune our souls to the purposes of God we may have misunderstood. Continue reading…

Read the Introduction and Chapter 1.

One Comment on “Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrows

  1. Looks like a good read. I so apprecaite people dealing with the real stuff of this life. I find encouragement in books like these where people tell their story of hurt and peace in God. I also have to be ready to remember deeply and meet grieve head on again when I read them.And thanks for the Donna Young reminder. I have been there but had forgotten about it.


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