Into the Wardrobe

I joined a real, as in not online, book club recently. We are reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I decided to take advantage of the selection and read them again to my children.  Who, by the way, are so familiar with the story that I’m afraid they’re almost bored. For instance, while reading today (during lunch), I paused to take a sip of my beverage. During the pause, Hannah recited the next sentence from memory. I had forgotten that she read them over the summer…twice. I had no idea she had absorbed so many details. And then when I read the sentence that she had just recited, she said, “You didn’t have to read it.” “Well, yes, I did, Honey, because Mommy is a little OCD when it comes to reading a book.”

Anyway, their familiarity is making me a little frustrated. It’s been years since I’ve read TCoN. YEARS! They are going to laugh at me when I say, “OH! I didn’t remember that.” Or, what about when I cry?

The only glimmer of hope is that Abbey was too young and may not remember the last time Karl read the books to them.

The fun part is watching them take on the characters as they play. Ben is Peter, Noah is Edmund, Hannah is Susan, and Abbey is Lucy. They are so cute in their dress-up clothes and English accents.

Moving on…I have a question. Why couldn’t Lucy get into Narnia when she wanted to the second time, but she did the third time when Edmund followed her? Was it because Edmund followed her the third time that she was able to go in?

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