Different Year, Same Need

Last year I was very anxious about the election. I was blogging through Future Grace and reading The Reformed Expository Commentary of Daniel. Very timely reading, indeed.

If you were a Lux Venit reader back then, maybe you’ll remember that I never finished blogging through Future Grace. In fact, I didn’t even finish reading it. I blogged through chapter 9 and stopped.

Here we are back to October. Different year, same issues (only this year I am getting to SEE what I only dreaded last year), same desperate need for God’s grace. I’m going to pick up reading again and will resume blogging through it when I reach chapter 10. Lord willing, I’ll finish this time.

One Comment on “Different Year, Same Need

  1. Yay! If I recall correctly, I struggled through Chapter 15, so I'll look forward to dusting off my copy of that book with you and refreshing…maybe you'll have some insights for me ;)BTW–Are you still reading Womanly Dominion? I'm still wrestling with some of the things that Chanski says…I'm not sure if it is the way that he says it or what…do you ever feel like you have a personality conflict with an author??? I fear I am overly critical at times so I don't say anything, but sometimes I really wonder about things. :/Anyway, thanks for your openness and sharing your thoughts!Warmly,Elizabeth


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