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Favorite Ornaments #2

Like many of the folks born in the seventies, I have an abiding affection for all things Jim Henson (even Fraggles, but especially The Muppets). Besides “Animal,” “Miss Piggy” was my favorite character. One of my favorite things to do (that annoyed my little brother) was copy her way of saying, “Moi?” and use her karate chop, “Hiiiieeee-ya!”

Karl gave this ornament to me a couple of years ago. Piggy and Kermie are ice-skating hand-in-hand.

I hope you already have John Denver and The Muppets’ Christmas album. It’s called, A Christmas Together, and it is one of our favorites every Christmas! YouTube hosts some videos from the t.v. special and you can listen to some of the songs.

I’ll be posting a few more of these. Do you have a favorite ornament or album? Please share!

3 Comments on “Christmas favorites

  1. My tree is full of mostly homemade ornaments. In the previous church Mike and I served at the women’s ministry had an ornament exchange every year. You made 12 alike ornaments and you came home with 12 different ornaments. They all have a special story behind them.
    As far as the Christmas music, we love it all at our house. I think my favorite this year is Travis Cottrell’s “Ring the Bells” cd;however, we always decorate our tree and house every year listening to the Oak Ridge Boys “Inconvenient Christmas”.


    • We have lots of homemade ornaments, too. I hope to have time to post a couple of those this week so you can see them. I LOVE Travis Cottrell’s Christmas CD! “Ring the Bells” is one of my favorites.


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