Spreading Christmas Cheer

Our little family spent Sunday afternoon baking goodies for our friends and neighbors.   We made New England Cranberry Bread and Christmas Crunch, both recipes I found on Tasty Kitchen and both quite good.  However, I must warn you that fresh cranberries retain their tartness through the baking process. It’s delicious, but I had to remind myself that I was eating cranberry bread, not another sweet, quick bread like banana bread. Karl, on the other hand, thought I simply needed to add more sugar. [Edited to add: I ate a bit of one of the cranberry bread loaves today (Tuesday) and it tastes even better than it did on Sunday. The flavors from the nuts and berries are delicious. And the cranberries aren’t as bitter.]

The kids really enjoyed the Christmas Crunch because it’s very colorful and messy.  We just threw everything into a big pile and slung chocolate all over it.  So fun and easy to make!  After the chocolate dried, we scooped it into goody bags.  There was enough for 20 bags and a big bowl left over just for us.

Benjamin, even though he couldn’t eat any of it due to the nuts, had the best time pretending he was a chef on The Food Network.  He provided the play-by-play as he mixed and splattered the chocolate.

The only thing more fun is delivery!

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    • We’re borrowing one of your ideas later this week: making cookies to take to the men and women who work at the fire station that serves our neighborhood. They had to visit our house one day this year, and I am so thankful they are close!


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