“The Show of Shows!”

At least that’s what Shannon @ Rocks in My Dryer calls it.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the blog in 2010 and have made one determination.  I’m going to do something I’ve never done: I’m going to blog about my favorite t.v. show.  2010 is the final season; therefore, I’m going all in til the end.  Can you guess which one it is?

Yes, LOST!

Shannon has blogged through each episode, and I have enjoyed reading her posts.  But commenting on her LOST posts always proved to be a challenge because comments aren’t supposed to be too long.  Talk about frustration!  Well, I’m not doing that this year.  I’ll still read her posts and comment, but I’m also going to blog about the episodes and invite your comments (if you watch LOST, that is).  I hope it will be more of a discussion of theories and what-not.

The first episode will air one month from today, February 2.  One thing that Karl and I are planning is a LOST premier party.  OH!  I just realized something.  Feb. 2 is GROUNDHOG DAY!  I think that is so appropriate for LOST.  Anyway, I’ll post some pictures from our party and my thoughts on the first episode after it airs that night.

Here is my theory for when the story will start:

At the end of season 5, Juliet uses a big rock to detonate Fatboy.  Faraday (who appears to be dead) and the others (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Miles, Jin, Sayid and Sawyer) believed this would reverse everything that had happened to them; that it would put their lives on a different time path.  But it was pretty well established that “what happened, happened.”  Therefore,  I do not believe that the show will resume in 1977.  I do not think that the characters will be in 2007 as though the crash never happened.  Neither do I think the main characters died.  I think the blast will move the characters forward to 2007 on the island (when they are supposed to be), without changing anything that happened on or off the island, and they will have some role to play in whatever happens with Jacob, The Man in Black, Locke/Not Locke, dead Locke, Ben, Sun, and Richard and Ilana’s group.

I could be totally wrong.  One never knows when it comes to LOST.  We’ll all find out Feb. 2.

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