SNOWait a minute…it stopped

The snow began falling just a moment ago.

Now, all across Alabama, we are breathing a sigh of relief because the anticipation is over…it’s finally snowing (did you see the “smoke” coming out of my mouth?). I’m not exaggerating: preparing for snowfall in Alabama is worse than actual snow. Everyone is on edge. And by the time all is said and done, there won’t be a lick of milk or bread to be found in the whole state. I, on the other hand, am buying up ready-to-bake cookies and hot cocoa.

My children have gone berserk. They just ran outside to “play in the snow.” Not a bit of it is on the ground yet, mind you. Noah ran inside to show me a snowflake that lighted on his glove. It was a single snowflake and we could see make out its details. Just a few seconds and it was gone. “You know what?” I asked. “What?” “There will never be another snowflake exactly like that one. God makes each crystal unique, and then it’s gone…just like that.” He responded with a slow, “Wow,” and ran out to catch another one.

Oh wait. It stopped.

It will probably snow more later today and tonight, but OH THE DISAPPOINTMENT now.

Alabama weather: it is a roller coaster.

8 Comments on “SNOWait a minute…it stopped

  1. 🙂 Too funny! And fun! We were the same way in Texas but here in VA we can usually count on a couple of snow days … still not commonplace so the peeps GO CUCKOO! BREAD! MILK! GAS! COFFEE!

    O.K., I am probably the only one going crazy to make sure about the coffee 😉 But hey! Certain things are necessities!

    Enjoy your snow … however much you get!


  2. Too funny and oh so familiar. Before moving to Florida, we lived in the eastern part of Mississippi and it was much the same way with the snow. What little bit we ever saw lasted for about a second it seemed like, but it sure is pretty falling down!


  3. My kids are on our South Carolina porch blazing with excitement over Random Blowing Flakes. Uggh. We need to go back to my home in PA. I miss snow!


    • I’m not used to the extreme cold. I’m not sure that I could live anywhere that it snowed a lot.


  4. I know!!!!
    We got like 5 snowflakes.
    Exaggerating…but we were disappointed. 😦
    Maybe more snow next time.


    • Yeah, my kids were really disappointed. It started snowing harder later, but not nearly enough to play in.


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