Don’t Assume

“It is amazing how many times we can assume the gospel and not be explicit about it.  And, because we’re not explicit about it, we cannot realize all the things that are challenging the gospel that our own hearts, and certainly the hearts and lives and minds of our members, are hearing.” –Rev. Mark Dever

In this video, Dever takes us on a tour of his study, or what I’m calling “My Book Heaven.”  It appears warm and cozy, spacious, and even the mantle over the fireplace serves as a bookshelf.

(You may need to visit in order to see the video)

And did I hear, “theology breakfast?” That idea makes me very happy.

8 Comments on “Don’t Assume

  1. A Golden Cave. That was an interesting way of describing his library/study.

    Sometimes I think of the internet in a similar way (not in those words, obviously). Books can become a trap or a crutch or a door against the world. A safe haven. So many books, so little time–so many really WORTHY websites and resources, so little time.

    But the Gospel is the light of the world and can’t be hidden away in a library, a study, or a book. I love that he said he loves to talk to people. That’s the remedy for the quote you pulled–know the Gospel and share the Gospel. Talk to people. I love that.


  2. I love the order amongst the chaos. Books are not neatly placed on the shelves or in their place yet, everything is alphabetical and ordered. Complementarian though I am, I must admit I envy the opportunity for “theology breakfasts” and in-depth biblical study that pastoral ministry affords.


    • Challies posted a picture of his study today and the first thing I noticed was that his shelves are neat. My bookshelves look more like Dever’s, and I like that. I just wish that all of mine were in the same room.

      I’m going to see if anyone I know is interested in theology breakfast.


      • I like Dever’s better too – they more closely resemble mine. Though I’ve managed to order my books by kind they are not alphabetical nor in one room. I have shelves in three different rooms, plus baskets and closets and anywhere I may happen to leave one. LOL. Good luck with the breakfast idea!


        • Mine aren’t in alphabetical order, either. I just know where I put my books. Most of them are organized by topic or genre.


  3. PS I heard somewhere that Dever is rarely alone in his study – that because of his love for people and conversing his study is bustling even during sermon prep.


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