Learning to pray

John 17:1  When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven…

Jesus had a prayer life such that when the disciples heard him pray, they asked, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). My pastor asked us this morning, “What is your prayer life like? Well, my prayer life is…interesting. When praying in private, I talk about whatever comes to mind and I don’t worry too much about the order: whether I follow ACTS or the pattern given in the Lord’s prayer. Also, I pray throughout my day. I realize the need to pray at a certain time, though. When I pray in public, however, I feel the pressure to pray in a certain order. And, in the back of my mind, I wonder about how others will judge my relationship with God based on what I say. Sad, isn’t it?

After church, I checked my email and found that Dr. Bob Kellemen sent an email alerting me to a new page he’s written for his ministry’s website. (You may recall that Dr. Kellemen is the author of Sacred Friendships.) “The Prayer of Jesus” is a helpful daily prayer guide based on the Lord’s prayer using the acrostic CHRIST.

There’s no more important question in life than, “How do I talk to God?” There’s no better Person to turn to to answer that question than Jesus. In the Lord’s Prayer, or “The Prayer of Jesus,” we learn how to pray in Christ’s school of prayer. The acrostic CHRIST provides a helpful, relevant, practical, biblical outline for learning how to talk to God.

Dr. Kellemen offers prompts under each letter heading, too. I know you’ll be blessed by reading his encouragement for prayer. It came just at the right time for me. While you’re visiting his site, take a look around. I think you’ll find it to be a valuable ministry resource.

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