No room for feelin’ led

I ain’t sayin’ it ain’t all right to study the Bible. You got to study the Bible to know the rules of life. But I notice a lotta folks doin more lookin at the Bible than doin what it says. The book of James says, don’t just listen to what God has to say, do what He says. And Jesus said God is gon’ separate us, the sheep from the goats, based on what we did, not on how much we read….

Since I been visitin a lotta churches, I hear people talkin ’bout how, after readin our story, they felt “led” to help the homeless, to come alongside the down-and-out. But when it comes to helpin people that ain’t got much, God didn’t leave no room for feelin led.

–Denver Moore, What Difference Do It Make?

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4 Comments on “No room for feelin’ led

  1. That’s good! Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve read Same Kind of Different as Me, but not this book. Looks like I might need to look it up!


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