Rescued after six days

At the time of the earthquake, she was working in the bank.  Her husband had no way of knowing if she lived through the quake. Regardless, he waited with hope outside the bank.  Each time the backhoes pulled away more rubble, he ran into the bank and called her name.  Hearing nothing, he went back outside to wait for the backhoe to pull away more rubble and his next opportunity to run in.

On the sixth day, after the backhoe pulled away, he ran into the bank and called her name.  But this time he heard her call back.

What strikes me most about this story, aside from the husband who stood outside until he found her, is that she started singing as soon as she was pulled out. Just watch!

4 Comments on “Rescued after six days

  1. That is so beautiful and moving despite being so horrible and painful – her singing as she was pulled out moved me to tears. What an incredible story.


  2. I was moved to tears watching this. AMAZING. What love he had for her, what joy. I am still crying. Thank you for sharing that.


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