Post-Weekend Run-Down

I am really dragging this morning.  I was busier than usual this weekend; it was all good, but I’m feeling a little tired today.  I can’t imagine that much of what follows will be interesting to anyone besides the grandparents and relatives.  I’m about to relay personal info about our weekend, which included about twelve trips to the grocery store.  Feel free to move along to the next blog in your feed reader.

Earlier in the week last week, the boys started having some trouble with their allergies and asthma.  I think it was because of the change in the weather.  The temperature went from dry 50s back down to wet & cold 30s.  We have not allowed them to set a foot outside since Tuesday.  Keeping up with medicine schedules, supplements, nasal rinses and sprays to prevent any and all coughing, wheezing and sneezing is exhausting.  The whole house smells of Vick’s Vapo-Rub.

Karl had planned to take the day off Friday, so the boys were able to stay home with him.  Abbey decided she’d rather stay home with her daddy than go to co-op (I think she got a little too accustomed to having him home every day during the holidays).  Hannah and I went to co-op (I think she’s reached an age where she’d rather hang out with her friends).

After co-op, Hannah and I stopped by the grocery store (the first of many trips to the grocery store this weekend).  After a quick lunch at home, we went to pick up our troop’s cookies.  Yes, the Girl Scout cookies are here.  We had the joy of sorting 139 cases of cookies for our troop.   Hannah was a huge help!  And we had a good time doing it.  If you ordered some from us, they are here and we’ll get them to you soon.  If you want cookies, but didn’t order, we have lots of extra boxes to sell.  Friday night’s fun included doling out all of the cookies to our scouts and going back to the grocery store.

Saturday morning I did something I’ve never done before…I helped serve breakfast to Tuscaloosa’s homeless community.  It was and it wasn’t exactly what I expected.  I didn’t get to do much mingling because somehow I ended up washing dishes most of the time.  Imagine that!  Maybe I’ll mingle more next time.  The ministry out of First Community is pretty awesome.  I’m not sure how many people who came for breakfast were actually homeless, though.  The pastor said that many of them received checks (I assumed government assistance checks, either welfare or disability or veterans benefits) at the beginning of each month and we may not see very many that day.  My question is how can a homeless person get a welfare check without an address?  Do they just go to an office and pick it up?  I have a lot to learn.

Saturday afternoon, Hannah participated in Sport Day at UA with the Girl Scouts.  She had a fantastic time learning about different sports and climbing the rock wall.  She was really scared, but she climbed to the ceiling three times.  Hannah seems to have talent in basketball and soccer.

And, oh yeah, we went to the grocery store again.

Sunday, the girls and I went up to B’ham to visit my grandmother and help celebrate her 82nd birthday.  Nanny recently sold her home and moved into a retirement community.  Y’all, this place is more like a resort hotel.  She’s been there for a few weeks and is loving it.  She showed us where she eats dinner and told us about bingo night, exercise classes, the library, the mall, the beauty shop, Bible study, and the worship services.  She has a really nice apartment; it is much bigger than I thought it would be.  The building is situated on the side of the mountain, and Nanny can’t wait for the beauty of spring.  She’s already decided on the different places she wants to sit outside and read a book.  She is trying to make new friends, too.  She said there are a few women she’s met who are potential friends, and they eat dinner together.  She told me about one woman who moved down from New York.  Nanny invited her to worship with her, and the woman replied, “Me no like.”  And now she’s on Nanny’s prayer list.  She is happier than I’ve seen her in a long time.

Lance was there!  It was good to see and talk to him.  Mom looked good and seemed to be feeling well.

Well, Benjamin is running laps through the house in an effort to burn some pent-up energy.  Pray that the boys get better soon.  I hear it may snow this week.  I guess one side benefit of home schooling is that the weather doesn’t prevent our school days from happening.

Stay warm!

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