What I think about “What Kate Does”

To be honest, I wasn’t all that thrilled with this episode. It was a little confusing and it raised more questions than it answered. And since it was Kate-centric, I missed seeing the other characters.

Kate on the Island
I don’t understand why this woman does what she does. She doesn’t THINK before acting. She lies to Jack about why she wants to follow James. And did you notice the way Jack was looking at her? He’s headed for heartbreak again if he doesn’t wise up. So, Kate goes running after James. Why does she think that James will be ready to go running through the jungle with her to find Claire? He just buried Juliet a few hours ago!

I think this may be the first episode that we see James cry. Sure, we’ve seen him upset and disturbed, but he was broken in this episode. And instead of blaming someone else for his misery, he accepted his responsibility in Juliet’s death. This is very different for James.

A few questions were raised while Jin, Kate, Aldo, and the unnamed Other Justin were tracking James. First of all, Kate almost trips a trap. She makes a comment about it being one of Rousseau’s traps, but one of the others says that Rousseau has been dead for years. FOR YEARS? That must mean we’re not watching events that happened in 2007, the year Rousseau died. What year is it? (Correction: Rousseau died in 2004 before the Oceanic 6 left the island. Thanks, Val!)

What if the X in “LA X” stands for the Roman numeral 10? And it’s 2010?

Second, Jin asked Kate about where the plane crashed. She had no idea (because she didn’t experience the crash). But Justin knew exactly what Jin was talking about. So, the others know about the plane crash and they know it’s on the other island. I wonder if they know where the Ajira folks are?

Third, Aldo revealed that he is the bank security guard was the guy guarding building 23 whom Kate knocks unconscious with the butt of her gun. Kate has knocked out a lot of people, so it is plausible that she just doesn’t remember Aldo.

Kate in LA
The first thing that I noticed was that she seemed to recognize Jack and he recognized her. The second noteworthy tidbit is that Kate is innocent of whatever crime she has been accused of committing. Third, she stayed with Claire, even clutching her hand at one point. I’m not sure the other Kate would have done anything but run away.

Dr. Goodspeed (Horace Goodspeed’s son) is Claire’s doctor. I wonder if his first name is Ethan. And Claire calls out the name of her baby: Aaron. No big surprises there. I guess it is important to note that their stories are intersecting similarly to the way they did on the island.

According to this screen capture of Claire’s ultrasound photos, the date is October 22, 2004.

***I was just listening to The Official Lost Podcast (2/24/10) that aired 2/21/10, and Darlton confess that the date on the photo is simply a PROP ERROR.***

The Temple
OK, the action in the temple was really confusing to me.

First, Sayid was taken to a dark room to be evaluated by Dogan, who blows some of the protective ash over Sayid’s belly, puts electrodes in Sayid’s belly, electrocutes Sayid, and brands Sayid. Then, Lennon tells him that he passed the test, but that was a lie.

We learn that Dogan believes Sayid has been “claimed” and filled with a darkness (probably the same thing that happened to the French team), one that will grow and consume his heart if he does not take the pill from Jack. But Jack is a good doctor who insists on knowing what he’s giving his patients. Turns out the pill was poison.

Two interesting tidbits: 1) Dogan knows about the darkness because the same thing happened to Jack’s sister. 2) Dogan tells Jack that he was brought to the island just like everyone else. This reminded me of the first scene of the Season 5 finale when MIB says to Jacob regarding the ship (which is probably The Black Rock), “You brought them here.”

Clearly, this island has a very long history of bringing people to it. Why? Like Jacob said, “It only ends once. Everything else is just progress.”

Speaking of Jack’s sister, Claire is a trap-setting, rifle-toting Rousseau.

Best line: “We’ll be in the food court if you need us.” — Miles

Dude count: 1 this episode. 9 total.

I don’t even know what to think about this episode. This is one of those episodes that offers us a few more clues, but doesn’t propel us too far forward.

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  1. I am completely confused about what we are seeing in the flashes to the plane and LAX, etc. That does not make sense to me yet.

    On the island, I think they are now in whatever year the 2nd plane crashed (3 years after the Oceanic 6 left the island), so that would mean that it has been 3 years since Rousseau died, which makes sense with the Other guy’s comment that he remembers Kate from 3 years ago when she tried to escape and hit him with a gun. Sorry, but I’ve lost track of what year that would be for them, but I think they are now in their ‘real’ time, whatever year that would be for them.

    As to the temple stuff….I think I’m starting to figure it out a little. I have a feeling that whatever Hurley saw in the jungle was not Jacob, but was that shape-shifting bad guy smoke monster thing. I think that I am becoming more convinced that the theory I read about it all being some big game being played and the people all being pawns may be what ‘s going on. Not sure I like that all that much, but it is starting to make sense. If so, then by whatever rules they are playing, I wonder if the smokey bad guy has rights to certain people if they die (either on the island, or their bodies are brought there). That would explain Christian walking around, John Locke, and some of the discussion in the temple. I wonder if what looked like a list that Dogan had in last week’s episode may be a list of people who are ‘marked’ that if they die can be used by Smokey. That would explain why they said they would be in big trouble if Sayid died, and why they are saying what they’re saying about him now. I wonder if all of our main characters are on that ‘marked’ list, and that is why the Others want so badly to protect them in the temple…..to keep them away from the control of Smokey and alive so he cannot use them.

    Just my theories after stewing over last night’s episode. I’m probably way off base. I agree with you about Kate. She doesn’t think first, and she ends up digging herself into deeper trouble because of it. I totally did not like her last night.

    I also agree with you that we are seeing Sawyer/James totally broken. He is a different man than he was when this all started.

    And I hate that Juliet died. I did not want that to happen.

    I’m also wondering if we will be seeing Boone again sometime along the way and if he’ll be ‘turned’ as it seems Claire may have been.

    This story is getting weirder and weirder, and I really hope I like the ending.


    • On the flashes: Darlton calls them “flash-sideways.” So, I think you’re right in that everything we see happening is happening in the same time. Karl says since all of the characters are in the same time, then it doesn’t matter what year it is. But WAIT! They can’t all be in the same time because when the characters are in LA, the island is underwater. Maybe it was just underwater for a moment while it moved. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      On the temple: I agree with you on Smokey using dead people. I think that may have been why it was so important to bury people soon after they died. I think Amy was an other. Therefore, she understood Smokey and that Paul had to be buried. I also think that was why she wasn’t too upset about letting the others take his body. Maybe their burial is what kept all of the Losties who died on the island from being used by Smokey. I hope that means that Juliet’s body won’t be used. I wonder if that means we could see Charlotte again since she wasn’t buried.

      I had not considered that Smokey could be using Jacob. I sure hope not. At this point, I think anything can happen.


      • I mean that within their particular storylines they are in the same time. The reality that we know from previous seasons is in 2007, but the other reality, that never crashed, is occurring in 2004.


        • That’s how I thought it was, too. I’m still not sure about those alternate 2004 scenes and how it’s all going to come together, though.

          I have had a suspicion since very early on that we may end up with all of this being a dream Hurley is having, and he’ll wake up in the mental hospital raving about this crazy dream. I hope that is not how it will end, though. That would be depressing to me.


  2. Great recap! I came here from Rocks in My Dryer.
    Regarding Rousseau being dead for years, she has been. Remember, she was killed before the “Oceanic 6” left to return to civilization and that was in 2004. They were off the island for 3 years before they went back, so it is 2007 and Rousseau has been dead for 3 years. I love this show because it really makes you think and it has so many levels to it! The parrallel between she and Claire is quite interesting.


  3. Oh, and I thought the Other was saying that she hit him when she tried to escape from the Others on the island that time when she and Sawyer were captured (can’t remember what season that was.)


  4. I’m also over here from Rocks In My Dryer.

    Enjoyed your recap! I agree that the on-Island folks are now in 2007 but I think you’re onto something with the 2010 track. Darlton announced that the finale date for the series will be May 23, 2010 – a Sunday – and I have been wondering, since dates are so significant on “LOST” and the original 815 was on the same day as the series premiere, if it will all come to an end on May 23, 2010, Island time. I haven’t figured out how that will happen yet — I mean, that’s three years into the future than where we are right now — but it’s a theory I haven’t seen discussed anywhere else yet. I hadn’t thought about the “X” in “LA X” possibly being another clue in this direction.


  5. I thought it was weird that they said Rousseau had died “years ago”, as well. The way they said it seemed suspicious.

    I definitely think that guy said Kate hit him when she escaped from the Others’ prison. However, it would have been MUCH more interesting if he had been a bank guard!

    I’ve read other speculation about the LAX year connection. Hmmm…


  6. I just read a theory about a Groundhog Day kind of scenario, where they are getting chances to relive it over and over until they get it right. If that’s the case, then maybe the LAX scenes are either a parallel universe or a time of them ‘trying again.’ Or something. At first I thought it might be we’re seeing what would have happened if Jack’s bomb actually had reset everything, but, again, that doesn’t quite work, because things are a little different…..Shannon isn’t on the plane this time, Desmond is on the plane – but I guess those could all work in a ‘reset’ time.

    I really cannot see the LAX scenes being 2010 because: Jack is still trying to get his father’s coffin home (a la the first time around in 2004), Claire is still single and pregnant with Aaron (the baby she had in 2004), Kate is still under arrest by same man as in 2004, so the 2010 doesn’t work for me. To me it looks more like a parallel universe or a ‘reset’. Like I said, those flashes are not making any sense to me right now. Also, it does seem like certain characters recognize each other, but almost like a deja vu kind of thing – they look at them like they recognize them but don’t quite know why they do. That’s what it seems like to me. Then again, maybe I’m just too tired to get it at all. Definitely interesting.


    • The other bizarre thing though is that in the “other” reality, the characters seem to have this sense of knowing each other previously. I think that’s intended, but I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a little bit of deja vu, or if it’s a real clue as to what’s going on.


  7. I just really, really, really hope it all makes sense when ep 16, the finale-grande-of-all-grande-finale’s airs. If not, I’m going to be super pissed off.



  8. Do we know Kate is innocent? Or that she claimed to be so?

    Anyone else find the LA Kate & Clare interchange strange? I mean, she holds Clare at gunpoint but then they’re best of friends, sharing credit cards? Come on!

    Kate is one of my least favorite characters so I didn’t like this episode much either.


    • I thought that was totally whack! Claire seems to be much more trusting in this alternate timeline. I thought the credit card thing was really weird, too. About Kate: I think she’s innocent. In the other timeline she never claimed to be innocent. Plus, I may or may not have seen a little spoiler about her alleged crime and subsequent manhunt. A friend of mine emailed me today to say that he thought they were showing us this other Kate (making us sick of her, basically) so that we won’t be upset when they kill her.


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