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WHEW! I enjoyed this episode so much. They’ve been promising us some answers and this is the first time I feel like I’ve gotten some. Of course, I have a few more questions, too.

Jack’s Story
Off-island: I was afraid that Jack was going to have another sad existence, but the writers surprised me: Jack is actually doing alright. Despite being separated from his son’s mother, he isn’t an alcoholic and he’s really making an effort to be a good dad. In the final scene with his son, didn’t you want to give him the Father of the Year award? That was so sweet! The only question I’m left asking is To whom was he married?

Much in the same way they did in the earlier seasons, I think the writers are showing how the characters’ lives intersect. The example of this tonight happened when we saw Dogen at the conservatory auditions. I don’t think the intersections will play any greater significance, though.

We did learn that there is some kind of close connection between Claire and Jack’s dad. I wonder if Jack knows about Claire in this other life?

On-island: Jack confesses to Sayid that the pill would have killed him. I wonder how this revelation will impact whether or not Sayid stays at the temple for much longer?

Jack admits his brokenness. He’s looking for answers, he wants to be healed, he doesn’t want to hide, and he doesn’t want to play games anymore. I feel you, Jack. I want some answers, too.

He still cares for Kate, but her decisions neither make nor break him. But he isn’t a slave to her, he’s not trying to fix her or even help her.

Amazingly, she’s not trying to follow either James or Jack. She has one goal: find Claire and reunite her with Aaron.

Wow, has his character undergone a major change or what?! He may still like to play games (he and Miles were playing Tic-Tac-Toe), but he is not so insecure anymore.

Jacob tells Hugo to take Jack to The Lighthouse because they have to help someone get to the island (someone in a boat perhaps? Desmond?  Libby?). Along the way they visit the cave that Jack found while chasing his father through the jungle. Here, Hugo and Jack reminisce for a few minutes and remind all of us that Jack’s dad has not been found (but I think he was just Smokey in disguise) and we still don’t know the identities of the bodies in the cave. Hugo is playing “everyman” again when he starts asking questions about time travel and who those people are/were. Thanks, Hugo.

Funny that they found Shannon’s missing inhaler right outside the cave. I guess someone owes James an apology.

The girl is “infected” alright. Infected with Smokey’s lies! She must have been one of his first recruits (when she left Aaron in the jungle and Smokey looked like her dad) and he’s gotten her mind all twisted into thinking that Aaron is in the temple.

And just like Locke was her friend on the beach when he made the crib for her birthday gift, Smokey is her “friend.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if he demonstrated his friendship by giving her that freaky, boar-toothed, hideous-looking “baby.” (it’s called Squirrel Baby)

I think Jin was just bluffing, trying to save his rear after he watched Claire chop down that Other, when he said he would take her in through a secret passage. But then Smokey walked in and now he’ll have to lead them.

What did Smokey do with James?

This part was just MIND-BLOWING. There were so many things to take in all at once! Hugo asks Jack to tell him when he gets to number 108. WHOSE NAME IS 108? Who could be the sum of our six candidates? If this person ever makes it to the island, I think we’ll be close to the end. Could it be Walt? Aaron? Desmond? Faraday? Widmore?

Do you think it’s safe to assume that there are 360 names to correspond to the 360 degrees in a circle?

When Hugo started pulling those chains, and the scene focused on the circle, I thought the machine looked a lot like the frozen donkey wheel. Did you?

Jack notices the names and numbers and starts to go nuts. He pulls the chains to number 23, his number, and in the mirrors he sees the house he grew up in. But I wonder if the mirrors were showing where he was that day? (In the new timeline, Jack was at his mother’s house looking for his father’s will.) But we may never know because Jack destroyed all the mirrors. Thanks a lot, Jack. When he finally gets up from staring at the water, I hope he has his mind right.

Jacob shows up. Jacob is totally at peace with everything. He’s not rattled by anything. Jacob reveals that he wanted Jack to see what was in the mirror. He wanted Jack to understand his importance and purpose, but he has to find it himself. Plus, Jacob had to get them (Hugo and Jack) far away from the temple because some(one) bad folks (Smokey? Claire? James?) is/are on their way to make war on the Others.

Kate is going to be in big trouble when she finally meets up with Claire. Who do you think will win that brawl? I hope they don’t fight, though. I do not enjoy watching women slug it out. Remember when the writers put in a fight between Charlotte and Juliet? I didn’t like that at all.

I don’t think James is a recruit. Instead, I am holding out hope that James is pulling a long con on Smokey.

That’s my summation and the questions I’m left asking after this episode.

I thought Hugo and Jack had the best lines tonight. And I counted 9 “Dudes.” (The only reason I’m counting the dudes is because some friends and I are having a contest. One of the questions is to guess how many times Hurley will say dude this season.  I guessed 60.)

14 Comments on “Lost 6.05 – The Lighthouse

  1. LOVED IT to death! Did you happen to see when they were turning the wheel in the lighthouse the appearance of something that looked like a church? Methinks I did…and I think its the same church that was in the ep where they had to all get back to the island (farraday’s mom)….

    Farraday has some part in all this. I think 🙂

    It’s is super good and I’m loving every second. Many of my Lostie friends have jumped ship and quit watching out of frustration. Not me. I’m seeing this to the end!!



  2. according to lost blog, the “church” I referenced above is probably either the church where Sawyers parents are buried or the temple where Kwons were married….

    I was really hoping for a Farraday’s momma connection!


    • Yeah, we saw that, too. Karl said, “Was that a church?” The first one I thought of was the one w/ Eloise, too. Remember what the station underneath the church was called? The Lamppost. I think that makes the most sense (Lighthouse / Lamppost), but it could be the church where we see Sawyer as a little boy.


  3. For some reason when I saw the church I thought about Sawyer. Were they at a church when Jacob handed him the pen? IDK.
    I like the idea that the reflection was showing where Jack is in the alternate world. They’re still 3 years apart, but nothing else follows “reason”, so whatever.
    I need to watch again and listen to the wheel being turned. Did it make the same sound as Smokey as he traveled (made us all nauseated) last week?
    Interesting stuff.


  4. According to a commenter on the FilmFodder blog

    “Austen” was #51 on the wheel and was NOT crossed out (visible in freeze frame when Jack starts to pay attention to the wheel). #108 was “Wallace,” probably just a random pick to sucker Jack. #109 was “Friendly!” Linus was there, too


  5. Another thing: What do you think about Jack’s son reading an Alice in wonderland book? Also, were we supposed to have known Jack had a son? I can’t keep up with all I know and don’t know!!!!


    • I haven’t read An Annotated Alice, so I don’t really know if it’s all that important to the show’s story. The point could be something simple, like to show that Jack’s taste in books for his children is MESSED UP. Have you ever tried to read that junk aloud to children? It’s crazy! (And I mean ‘junk’ in its most respectable 2010 kind of way.)

      I haven’t read most of the books referenced in the show. In fact, I can’t tell that having read the books helps fans figure anything out before it happens anyway. Besides, some of them could be red herrings.

      To me, the only significance about that book is that it was the same book that Jack was reading to Aaron when he and Kate were playing house in season 4. Maybe Alice is the book that symbolizes his character, like Of Mice and Men symbolizes James. I don’t know.

      No, you’re not lost: this is the first we’ve seen of Jack having a son.


      • The show does seem to have elements from the Alice books, though. Mirrors seem to be a recurring theme, especially this episode. Very often you see shots of characters looking in a mirror. Also, the White Rabbit episode when Jack thought he was going crazy chasing his dead father through the jungle, and time being a theme as well.

        I don’t know if the writers are actually trying to give us clues exactly, I just find it interesting and occurring too often not to have some purpose.

        I really like the ‘new’ Jack much better. He seems more stable than our familiar Jack.

        I still do not see how we’re going to connect the sideverse and what we’ve been following all along. Very interested in how it’s all going to play out.


        • You are absolutely right about the parallels between Lost and Alice. But I don’t know what to make of it. I’ve just looked at the pieces drawn from literature and said, “OK, I remember that from Watership Down.” I didn’t read too much into it as far as what that will mean about the future of the Lost story. What do you make of it?


          • I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Maybe the writers are having fun dropping literary references to works they enjoyed and they like seeing how many the fans catch? It’s got to be more than that, though. I have never been able to read the Lewis Carroll works – too weird for me – but didn’t Alice in Wonderland end up all being a dream? I have wondered before if that’s how all this will end up. But that seems too simplistic. LOST does have a very surreal quality like Alice in Wonderland.

            At this point, I just hope I understand what happens when we get to the end and it isn’t over my head. When I read recaps, I realize how much I miss along the way by what other people catch and comment on. I really need to go back and watch the previous seasons again.


            • I agree — I think the writers just like throwing literary references in there to see if anyone catches them. Do you ever read the Lost column on Entertainment Weekly’s site? It usually 6-8 pages long, but it’s good. The author of that column really gets into all of the books and old stories and how they relate to Lost.

              “When I read recaps, I realize how much I miss along the way by what other people catch and comment on.”
              The good thing about recaps is that you and I can sit back, enjoy the show, and in the morning enjoy the recap written by some “professional” fan who watches each episode over and over again so he can be “the one” to catch all of those things normal watchers don’t notice. I like writing my little recaps, and I do take notes while I’m watching so that by the end I don’t forget what happened at the beginning, but I’m not going to catch half of what the real fanatics catch.


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