True Woman Breakout Sessions

The True Woman Conference organizers have finalized the 14 breakout sessions for the Chattanooga conference.

I decided not to go to the conference.  I’m not down on conferences or anything like that.  I enjoy going to conferences and I think True Woman would be a great one to attend.  I basically had to choose between using a few hundred dollars to fund a conference get-away just for me or putting a few hundred toward a family get-away.  I picked the family vacation.

Instead, I’m going to catch as much of the conference as I can online and listen to the podcasts when they’re available.

But if I were going, I’d attend these two sessions:

  • Carolyn McCulley’s session, “Women’s Global Issues: Challenges for Women in Developing Nations”
  • Devi Titus’ “The Table Experience: Creating Deeper Relationships Through Hospitality”

Are you going?  Which sessions will you choose?  Are you staying home?  Which sessions would you choose?

9 Comments on “True Woman Breakout Sessions

  1. I’d like to go too, but won’t be able to. I’m going to listen to some online.

    Where are you going for family vacation?


    • As usual, we don’t have a trip planned. But I’m sure we’ll do a couple of camping trips this spring.


  2. Yep, family vacation is a worthy investment!!!! Most definitely! I saw the hospitality session title and immediately thought that’s one I need to attend because hospitality does not come easily to me…


    • Me, neither. I have an opportunity before me to host two students from Moody next week. I’m going to force myself to do it, but I’m just so anxious about it. We don’t have a spare room, they’d have to sleep in our kids’ beds, the 8 of us will have to share two bathrooms….I just worry that our already crowded house won’t be “good enough.” Know what I mean?


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