Keeping Up with the Compassion Bloggers

Compassion International is conducting another blogger trip this week. This time in Kenya. I love following these trips and learning about what Compassion is doing to improve the lives of children all around the world.

The first time I followed a blogger on one of these trips, I followed BooMama to Uganda. It was a real eye-opener (and heart-breaker) for me to see how people are actually living on the other side of the world. It was also the first I had heard of Compassion International and their mission to rescue children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Compassion is different. They minister to the whole child by meeting physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs. It’s a wonderful program!

Just click here to learn more

about what Compassion is doing in Kenya.

Do you sponsor a child, either through Compassion or another ministry? Leave a comment sharing your child’s name and country! As you scroll through, say a prayer for each child.

I’ll go first. Please say a prayer for Greyci in Peru. Thanks!

4 Comments on “Keeping Up with the Compassion Bloggers

  1. Thanks, Leslie. I’d like to keep reading more of the bloggers. We don’t sponsor a Compassion child. Yet. We decided to sponsor a native missionary first through Gospel for Asia. But I’ve become very burdened lately to see what else I can do, trying to think what our family really does and doesn’t need, and what we could or should live without. I also wondered if there was a way to earn money specifically for this ministry. For me, I’ve been seriously considering taking on another piano student (which I’ve kind of been avoiding since it hasn’t been financially necessary) and giving them lessons at half cost if they will sponsor a child with the difference and I can use my half for the same thing. I just want to be sure that whatever the plan is, it’s something that can be maintained because I would fell bad if I couldn’t keep the support going. How long have you been sponsoring Greyci?


    • We’ve sponsored Greyci for about a year. Have you considered becoming a Compassion Advocate? It would give you an opportunity to do more for children through Compassion International. I wanted to sponsor more children, but it isn’t really possible right now, so I decided to become an advocate. Right now, I’m finding it easier to dedicate more time than more money.


  2. We love Compassion and have been sponsoring kids for the last nine years. Currently we sponsor four:
    Bernie in the Philippines, Ika in Indonesia, Milton and Franks in Honduras.


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